Bernie Sanders: The Elite Are Trying to Stop Me and Boost Biden

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Sen. Bernie Sanders warns the political establishment is trying to derail his campaign and boost Joe Biden's

Bernie Sanders has accused the “political establishment” of conspiring to derail his campaign and install Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee.

In an email to supporters on Tuesday night, the Vermont senator accused the D.C. elite of pre-selecting Biden as their candidate.

“The political establishment has chosen their candidate. It’s Joe Biden,” the email reads.

“And they’re lining up behind him in an effort to derail our momentum in this race.”

Sanders has become increasingly vocal about the alleged coup against his campaign. reports: Sanders and his supporters have long nursed a grudge against party institutions, such as the Democratic National Committee, after Hillary Clinton’s 2016 victory over him in the primaries. The DNC that year became a frequent Sanders target over complaints it was tilting rules in Clinton’s favor. 

Earlier in the day, the Sanders campaign released a memo outlining its battle plan against Biden going forward. 

“However, with Biden bankrolled by a super PAC and boosted by billionaire donors, the primary is far from over. We are now entering the phase of the primary in which the differences between Bernie and Biden will take center stage,” the memo, authored by Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir and senior aide Jeff Weaver reads. “These differences make clear that the choice between these two candidates is stark — it is a choice between the party’s core economic and social justice agenda, and the Washington establishment’s agenda that aims to protect and enrich the wealthy and well-connected. The differences also spotlight how Bernie’s agenda is a far more popular general election agenda than Biden’s.”

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