Fully Jabbed Radio Host Dori Monson Drops Dead After Suffering Massive Heart Attack

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Fully vaccinated conservative radio host Dori Monson drops dead

Fully jabbed conservative radio host Dori Monson died “suddenly and unexpectedly” Saturday night after suffering a massive heart attack. He was 61.

KIRO Newsradio described Monson as a “longtime watchdog of government and social issues” and said the station is working to create on-air tributes.

Seattletimes.com reports: A written statement from Bonneville International, which owns KIRO-FM, said Monson suffered a “cardiac event” at home Thursday and was hospitalized.

Monson attended the University of Washington and worked at KING-TV and KING Radio before joining KIRO in the early 1990s.

His energetic weekday show from noon to 3 p.m. regularly featured state politicians of both parties and a snappy review of news headlines he called “the fastest 15.” He was a persistent critic of Sound Transit and the Highway 99 tunnel. On any given afternoon, Monson’s show could be heard from boomboxes and parked vans at neighborhood housing construction sites.

In 2016, Monson coached the Shorecrest High School girls basketball team to its first state title. He called that championship run “other than family stuff, probably the most exhilarating life experience I’ve had.” But he was also averaging a 75-hour workweek, he said.

He was yanked from his show in 2020 for 2½ weeks, for a tweet about birth certificates that mocked transgender people. He was suspended indefinitely by Bonneville from hosting Seahawks’ pregame and postgame shows.

Despite health issues in recent years, Monson enjoyed deep-sea fishing with colleagues and playing pickleball with his family, the station said. He leaves behind a wife and three adult daughters.


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    • We as individuals have a right to not allow it to effect ourselves by fighting the Good fight. My trust in in Jesus Christ, Name ABOVE all Names, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega

      • Your sky daddy is not going to save you. If you want to be saved you better be prepared to fight and fight dirty like they do!!

  2. The headline on news punch is misleading, it makes it sound like he was proud of having the shot. Also he was”fully” vaxed.
    On his show during his last week on the show he commented that he had only the first two and one booster. He said knowing what he knows now he wished he had never taken the shot and that he wouldn’t take any more, likely the damage had been done though.
    RIP Dori

    • I understand the first two for a lot of people. It rolled out and all the political leaders, on both sides (including Trump), were hailing it as the savior. It’s the boosters that puzzle me. By then, anyone paying attention should have understood what was going on.

      I was fortunate. I was in CVS in early Feb 2021 when a clerk from the pharmacy was walking around the store signing people up. When he got to me, he said they only had two left. I was still skeptical and turned him down. But I did think about it. Thankfully, I remain a pureblood.

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