Britain Basking In Sizzling Weather Reports

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Numerous weather reports have forecasted sizzling summer temperatures for the country.

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BBC weather report by Michael Fish, 1979
Another weather report out today says a second heatwave is about to sizzle the U.K.
Some people are asking what happened to the first heatwave?

In recent weeks the British weather reports for the summer of 2015 have been inconsistent in their predictions.
The people under the sun in the U.K are asking if all these glorious weather reports are true or not?

It appears that austerity measures in the United Kingdom have made an impact even on the rays of sunshine that are supposed to reach the people.
Weather forecasts by reporters are no substitute for the real deal.
People demand the sun for more than just an occasional day or two.
Weather forecasters need to stop tantalising the public in times of austerity with sizzling weather reports.

Nevertheless British weather forecasters are predicting a second heatwave that could be even hotter than the first one!
According to several of their reports hot air from Africa is edging its way northwards and temperatures in the U.K are expected to reach 39C by the end of July!
Britain is predicted to sizzle once again.

Yahoo News UK reports:

There will be some pain before the scorching pleasure, however, as a series of summer showers are expected to hit this week.

“The year’s hottest temperatures usually occur in late July or early August,” said The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze.

“As pressure models favour more African hot air over Europe pulsing to the UK, the 38.5C record could go,” he added.

Met Office forcecasters said it was “too early to tell” how hot it would get.

But Simon Partridge said that temperatures “certainly look warm after July 19 in the South and another plume would make it hot.”

weather report
Typical foggy day at Westminster Palace, London
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