Did Bible Verse Predict String of Recent Quakes, Volcano, & Foam?

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Many people online are engaging in heated debate over a bible verse that some argue is a direct reference to the recent string of violent earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador, the subsequent volcano eruption, and even the mysterious “earthquake foam” flooding Japanese streets.

The bible verse in question is Psalm 46:3, and reads as follows:

…Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change And though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea; Though its waters roar and foam, Though the mountains quake at its swelling pride. Selah. There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, The holy dwelling places of the Most High.…

Internet users argue that much of the passage is speaking directly of the events of the past week. The “mountains slip into the heart of the sea” is a reference to the earthquakes all being on the Pacific ocean’s ring of fire. Also, Japan’s earthquake epicenter was a coastal town.

Many supporters of the bible verse theory claim that the “foam” reference is in direct correlation to the mysterious foam that appeared all over the streets of cities affected by the Earthquake in Japan just hours after the rumble.

“…the mountains quake at its swelling pride” is most likely, believers say, about the volcano that began spewing smoke and steam the within a day of the first violent quake.

The Convenient Bible Verse?

While even the greatest skeptic can acknowledge the strange similarities between the bible passage and the awful string of recent events, this is not the first time that this particular verse has been used in conjunction with a massive earthquake.

In fact, with a little research, it is easy to find that the origin of this particular Psalm being used in conjunction with a “prophecy” rumor about a modern-day earthquake in 2015. Bible-Gateway.com associated the verse with the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

Critics of the theory say that not only does Psalm 46:3 have nothing to do with the recent earthquakes, but nothing from the Book of Psalms could have anything to do with our modern times. This is because The Book of Psalms is from the Old Testament and therefore does not contain any predictions in the vein of the New Testament’s Book of Revelations.

Regardless, supporters of the theory argue that that what separates this particular biblical verse and puts it in a category all in its own is its use of the word “foam”. While many, many bible passages discuss volcanoes, earthquakes, and floods – foam, they argue, is oddly placed in this passage.

With many mainstream media outlets picking up the story of the mystery foam in Japan and directly correlating the substance with the earthquake, it does make even the most hardline skeptic take pause.

One thing is for certain: no one knows what the future holds, and we all may not agree or decipher things the same – but there is one thing we can hopefully all agree on: can we get less disgusting mystery foam in the future?

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