NO MORE ‘LOCKDOWN’ BS: Trump Announces Plans for #MAGA Rallies Within Two Weeks

Fact checked
President Trump announces plans to resume MAGA rallies within 2 weeks

President Trump has finally had enough of the never-ending lockdown that has prevented him from holding MAGA rallies across America.

After thousands of far-left protestors gathered over the last week for Black Lives Matter protests and rioting across several cities, the Trump campaign decided it was time to start holding #MAGA rallies again within the next couple of weeks.


  1. Yes and now US navy had said that 60 or 80 % of sailors have antibodies for ,I’m not calling it covid ,its a cold.And I an sure it was all over the world l8ng before they pretended with their dodgy tests used SPECIFICALLY because they knew it would give MASSIVE false positives.

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