Putin Winning TIME Person Of The Year In A Landslide

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Vladimir Putin has rocketed to the top of the 2016 Time Person of the Year poll and is on course for a landslide victory.

Vladimir Putin has rocketed to the top of the TIME Person of the Year poll and is on course for a landslide victory, proving that his determination to destroy the New World Order has started to resonate with Americans of all stripes.

Putin has opened up a huge lead in the 2016 poll, sitting on 38% of the vote as of November 27. Donald Trump is in second place with 13%, Julian Assange has 3% and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both have less than 1%.

The Russian president, who has a massive 25% lead over second place, appears certain to win the public poll in a landslide. But will the establishment allow TIME to crown Putin as the Person of the Year for 2016 – or will they disregard the voice of the people and choose their own winner?


Russian President Putin, a judo enthusiast who can bench 230, has been hitting the New World Order where it hurts, outgunning, outflanking and all-round out-manoeuvring the Illuminati.

He’s got them running scared, which is why they are in propaganda overdrive, pumping the mainstream media full of scare stories and untruths in an attempt to blind the masses to what is really happening before their very eyes.

But the TIME Person of the Year poll results shows that Americans have started to wake up and notice, and they are not falling for the propaganda.

Real people, unswayed by mainstream media, are backing Putin in their droves.

Do not be surprised if the mainstream media attempt to convince you of something deeply disturbing in the near future.  We’ve had the Clinton campaign’s desperate attempt to blame Russia for their own failings, and the mainstream media’s attempt to smear Putin and Russia with allegations of interfering in the US election – despite the fact they cannot produce any evidence to back up their fake narrative.

Time's 2016 'Person of the Year' poll shows Hillary Clinton losing to Putin
Time’s 2016 ‘Person of the Year’ poll shows Hillary Clinton losing to Putin

Never in history has the New World Order had such a firm grip on Western media operations.  At the same time the New World Order has never had such a committed and formidable enemy as they have in Vladimir Putin.

This situation cannot continue. Something has to give.

Putin ignored the New World Order’s siren calls and decided to follow his conscience.  They promised him a prominent role at their high table, but he recognised their agenda and vowed to destroy them.  Putin’s whole life, from his childhood in a rat-infested tenement building, to his calm and powerful presidency, has been a demonstration of his pitiless resolve and determination to do what he knows he must for the sake of his people.

The way the cards are being dealt, his people are now the world.

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