Outrage As UK Councils Are Told To Ban ‘Offensive’ Language Like ‘Mum’ & ‘Dad’

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Mum Dad and baby

A new language guide from the Local Government Association which tells hundreds of councils about what language they can and can’t use, has been described as woke and patronising.

The guide instructs councils not to call parents ‘mother’ or ‘father’ but ‘birthing parent’ and aslo suggests that “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen” should be avoided in favour of Good afternoon, everyone”.

This 18 page guide was apparently designed ‘to help councils ensure that everyone is supported and respected when they look to their local public services for help.’

The Mail Online reports: Other banned terms include ‘expat’, ‘second generation’, ‘economic migrant’, ‘homeless’ and ‘lifestyle choice’.

The document was sent to local authorities in an email from Mark Lloyd OBE, chief executive of the Local Government Association, The Sun reports.

The Inclusive Language Guide runs 18 pages long and bans the use of the terms ‘disabled’ or ‘able-bodied’ staff.

The guide endeavours to instruct council chiefs on the role of language in ’embedding equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion’.

It stated that employee’s personal background should only be referred to ‘when it is relevant, necessary or led by the person’.

‘Experiences of trauma, racial trauma and ­exclusion are already experienced at ­disproportionately higher rates by LGBTQ+, black and neurodivergent people in the workplace’, it added.

The guide also suggests substituting ‘welcome ladies and gentleman’ with ‘welcome everyone’ in public talks.

It stated: ‘People who are not “ladies” or “gentleman” may recognise the difference, feel included and that they belong.’

A senior council source described the document as ‘woke’ and patronising’.


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    • Judging by some of the things I’ve heard from the UK, people already go to jail for not using wokespeech, and have been for years.

      • This is the way Dictatorships work, it creeps up on people, like the change of seasons, then WHAM, it’s here.

          • I think generally the weaker countries are dealt with the violent way and the more powerful countries are too dangerous to openly attack.

  2. Good morning, ladies, gentlemen and EUNUCHS.

    Is a spayed woman called a Eunuch? Is there even a word for that?

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