CIA Admits ‘Total Infiltration Of Civic Organizations’

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CIA admits to infiltrating civil society institutions

The CIA has publicly admitted what conspiracy theorists have said for years: that they have infiltrated every single civic organization in America. 

In a tweet sent Wednesday, the official CIA Twitter account breathlessly told followers “CIA officers work as scientists, support staff, engineers, economists, linguists, mathematicians, secretaries, accountants, inventors, cartographers, architects, psychologists, police officers, editors, graphic designers, auto mechanics, historians, museum curators, & more!” reports: Who knows why they are making this announcement now. It may be a case of trying to maintain credibility by stating ‘what every thinking person already knows’. Establishment shills have, for generations, whether as true believers or as paid ‘role players’, been chastising anyone making this statement on their own, as ‘tin foil hat wearers’. Now it’s an official CIA statement. Given that the CIA lies about almost everything, yesterday’s major

Maybe Trump was about to publicly disclose, officially in his capacity as president, what ‘everybody knows’, since clearly the agency has been illegally, and in a process circumventing democratic norms in a republic, setting public policy – both in domestic affairs and in foreign relations too. That’s why the Pentagon and CIA have found themselves on opposite ends of the war in Syria, with their own embedded special forces or hired PMC’s, literally on opposing ends whenever ISIS and Kurds ‘battled it out’ in Syria.

This is obviously about making a very nefarious thing seem perfectly, well, familiar and – why not – even positive. Yes, the CIA officers are dutifully embedded in all walks of life.

Now we can understand that the ‘deep-state’ has been directly influencing matters of public health, architecture, history, etc. Anyone who is still able to think, can clearly understand what this public ‘admission’ amounts to.

Why is modern architecture so ugly, that only deranged people like it? Isn’t it possible that modern architecture is intentionally being carried in such a way to make people feel depressed, passive, controllable, defeated, isolated, atomized, or angry, etc.? Surely a control mechanism in itself, wouldn’t it also then fuel the pharmaceutical industry as well? Let’s check our list: ‘scientists‘ – yup, check. Well, since the CIA officers also work as ‘psychologists‘, they’d also understand that too. Maybe the sky on Mars is really blue, speaking of true blue skies.

Historians, that’s no surprise. Maybe our modern conception of chronology based upon the birth of Christ is off by hundreds or even a thousand years. You have CIA agents there, following up on the Vatican’s alleged hatchet job led by 16th and early 17th century church sanctioned chronologists such as Ioseph Sacliger and Dionisius Petavius. And since the CIA is willing to distort facts and work to overthrow governments, and keep  – for example – Nelson Mandela imprisoned for 27 years, and manufacture fake evidence and push regime change and wars which have directly led to the murder millions of people in cold blood, and change the historical record in more current things, why not also ‘go big’? Anyhow, the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it. Those who control the present, control the past. Those who control the past, control the future – that’s the key, isn’t it?

Museum curators; Naturally the Smithsonian Institute. Before anyone interjects with the correction ‘Institution’, all our lives, it was ‘Smithsonian Institute’, but since 2012 or 2013, suddenly ‘Institution’ … but looking at back records, have those been changed too? Talk about weapons of mass gas-lighting. But yes, that public gas-lighting could be a CIA project too. Now the floor is open to questioning historical remains, archaeological digs, text books.

Cartographers? Maybe there are other continents out there, maybe there’s a reason Antarctica is generally off limits except under extreme supervision. All the things you’ve heard about North Korea, and how foreigners can’t travel freely? All CIA lies, now confirmed previously by westerners who actually traveled there, and really just reconfirmed by today’s CIA tweet.

That’s the only rational way to deal with this announcement. But Antarctica is treated by those wanting to visit by the US authorities the same way that the CIA’s agents in media say that North Korea treats its citizens. But no doubt, at the very least, the CIA pushes a particular view of, yes, perhaps, even the dimensions of the planet and the relative relationship between continents. How likely that is, is hard to say, but given yesterday’s big announcement, we can no longer officially trust the institutional scientific community. Most thinking people never did, but now thinking people can begin to feel liberated from the yoke of the CIA’s primary weapon ‘plausible deniability‘. Of course, what’s plausible or not to an individual, is a function of their cognitive capacity.

Now, maybe we are being a bit wild here, but maybe not. Certainly not as wild as the CIA has been, and the CIA has a modus operandi.

FRN’s parent organization CSS, had it made known to it by certain Russian agents of the siloviki that there is absolutely something going on at Cern, and with quantum computing. What that is, we do not know. But what CSS was informed, Hitler’s eyes were always brown.

Let this sink in. The CIA has just admitted that it, the best known part of the ‘Deep State’ is meddling in all these areas. Can we really say the CIA has been doing these things? Reasonable people would have to agree that, at least as of yesterday, all these cards are in play. People have the right to hold these views, and can no longer be subject to public shaming or ridicule (which was never an appropriate rejoinder anyhow).

While none of the above mentioned ‘conspiracy theories’ were in any way proven by yesterday’s paradigm shifting announcement, – and we didn’t even mention Pizza-Gate, yesterday marks a veritable revolution in what will become popular consciousness. Certainly the CIA has revealed this for any number of reasons, and among these involves a daring gambit that it has ‘effectively’ branded itself as the defender of civil society, not its subverter. Just as we’ve seen one previously inconceivable bit of nonsense come out after another, in increasing tempo and insanity. ‘Assad gasses his own people’, ‘I hate white people’, ‘Everyone to the left or right of Hillary Clinton is a nazbol‘, ‘pedophilia is a sexual preference’, ‘free markets solve all problems’, and most recently, ‘John McCain was a champion of human rights’ (oh and ‘Assad is about to gas his own people again, with everyone watching’, even though Obama publicly announced and as the Arms Control Agency confirmed, Syria had disposed of its chemical weapons.)

It’s fairly simple to work out. If one has the motive, ability, and opportunity, they are the perfect suspect. With the CIA now publicly admitting these things, the CIA has now confessed that it has the ability and opportunity. The motive is obviously there, there’s so much at stake – the world to win.  Conspiracy theorists have been proven right in this regard, and frankly, we have to maintain the intellectual courage and honesty to admit that everything in the above has to be re-examined by truly independent sources. None of the ‘establishment’ sources can be trusted, they are all – according to the CIA quite publicly – infiltrated by CIA officers. Not just ‘agents’, which people often think of as ‘officers’, but by the officers themselves – CIA I.D card carrying officers. Let that sink in.

What’s not a conspiracy theory though, is that the CIA controlled, arm of NATO infowar, ‘The Atlantic Council’, has been trying to destroy the FRN project for going on two years.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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