Biological Male Dylan Mulvaney Named “Woman Of The Year”

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Dylan Mulvaney

Biological male Dylan Mulvaney has just received the “Woman of the Year” award from the UK based Attitude magazine

Attitude is the best-selling gay magazine in the UK and Europe and the world’s biggest LGBTQ media brand.

Mulvaney is the 26 year old tiktok star best known for for helping destroy the Bud Light brand in America.

TGP reports: In an interview with Attitude, Mulvaney congratulated himself in a narcissistic manner and boasted about how he “loved” that his undeserved award was given to him by a “queer media outlet.”

I think that being honored as Woman of the Year is a reminder in how to carry myself going forward, no matter the environment. I actually think it’s going to make for a good check-in before I put out anything into the world because now I can ask myself, “Is this Woman of the Year behavior?” So that’s sort of where my mind is.

I especially love that it’s being given to me by a queer media outlet because the community is my highest priority when moving through these new doors that have opened for me in the past year. And when transphobia is so rampant all over the world, and allies and news organizations aren’t sure how to support us, knowing that my community sees me this way and acknowledges my womanhood is all I need to keep going.

Conservatives were unsurprisingly angered by this travesty:
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