Vegans Exempt From Mandatory Covid Vaccinations Say Legal Experts

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Vegans will be exempt from mandatory vaccination rules in Britain because their beliefs are protected by employment law, legal experts have claimed.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, ethical veganism was ruled to be a protected characteristic at a tribunal last year, which means that employers would risk legal action if they order staff to be vaccinated.

Following the revelation, actor and leader of The Reclaim Party Laurence Fox publicly announced that he now identifies as “trans vegan.” (Am sure others will soon follow!)

Summit News reports: Workers with other religious beliefs could also cite their status as a protected category in order to avoid employers forcing compulsory jabs.

“Some ethical vegans may disagree with vaccinations on the basis that they will inevitably have been tested on animals. Ethical veganism has previously been found by an [employment tribunal] to amount to a belief, capable of being protected,” said a spokesman for the Lewis Silkin law firm.

Although COVID-19 vaccines don’t contain anything derived from animals, they were tested on animals.

Jeanette Rowley, a rights advocate at the Vegan Society, said she had received around 100 messages from concerned vegans who say “they’re very affected, psychologically, to have to confront this dilemma.”

Actor and anti-lockdown campaigner Laurence Fox responded to the news by proclaiming a new identity that is sure to be shared by countless others.

“From this day forward I self identify as a trans vegan,” he tweeted.

“I will only eat plant based food and medium rare sirloin steaks. And chicken, pork scratchings and salami,” added Fox.

Fox subsequently reaffirmed his commitment to his new identity by tweeting, “#TransVeganRightsAreHumanRights.”


  1. Seriously then they’re claimng that difference between ethical vegans and the rest of the world is that ethical vegans are about protecting animals In that case then so should all animal rights activists like peta as long as they don’t eat flesh it any description too .But if an ethical vegan claims it’s only people who don’t eat any animal products then they will have to refuse almost every form of medicine as well as reject leather shoes belts bags etc furs sheep skins wool almost all cosmetics,most dentistry products , shampoos,Anything that has ever been tested on animals one way or another ,so space travel as the first astronaut was a dog, etcetera etcetera .Really they couldn’t live in the modern world almost at all .No it should simply be those people who object to any form of vivisection ,which I always have and despite it being made illegal to protest against by rule of law ,and i believe that legal movement started in England,I do protest against it ..

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