Democrats Hold Emergency Meeting To Plan ‘All Out War’ Against Trump

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Democrats devise 'war-like strategy' against Trump

Democrats are holding an emergency meeting this weekend in order to devise a cunning strategy that will allow them to wage ‘all out war’ against president Trump. 

Democrat Party leaders will hold various secret closed-door meetings on Saturday and Sunday in order to focus their attention on undermining and bringing down the Trump presidency, rather than focus on fixing internal party problems. reports:

Following the election that devastated the party’s power at every level of government, some in the party were considering a strategy of working with the Trump administration to get things done.

Indeed, Trump has signaled he would be willing to cross the aisle to achieve some less-than-conservative policy changes he has taken up.

But senior party officials told The New York Times that option is likely off the table, and those inside the party who favor an aggressively confrontational strategy will win out.

“Democrats have all but cast aside any notion of conciliation with the White House,” The NYT reports. “Instead, they are mimicking the Republican approach of the last eight years — the ‘party of no’ — and wagering that brash obstruction will pay similar dividends.”

Leaders of the party will meet this weekend to hash it out, but are unlikely to dismiss the clear call from their base to wage “no less than total war against President Trump.”

Because of their weakened position, however, the party has few tools at their disposal with which to wage the war. “Rarely have Democrats been so weakened,” The NYT notes.

Republicans control the White House, the Congress, and the balance of power in the Supreme Court, as well as both the legislature and the governorship of 24 states.

“They want us to impeach him immediately,” Kentucky Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth told The NYT, referring to angry Democrat voters. “And of course we can’t do that by ourselves.”

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