Democrats Caught Staging False Flag ‘Racist’ Hoax to Interfere in Virginia Election

Fact checked
Democrats caught staging white supremacy hoax in Virginia election

Democrats on Friday were caught red handed staging a false flag racist hoax to help boost Terry McAuliffe’s troubled campaign ahead of the Virginia gubernatorial election.

The stunt was quickly identified as suspect as one of the “white supremacists” was a black guy.

Information Liberation reports: Multiple of the “white supremacists” were quickly exposed as Democrat operatives and the whole hoax blew up in their face.

The hoax was amplified by Terry McAuliffe’s campaign (they probably organized it):

McAuliffe’s campaign tried to distance themselves from the hoax after amplifying it all day:

The Lincoln Project stepped in to act as the fall guy:

So, is anyone going to get banned from social media for this hoax?

Are there going to be any congressional hearings into this election interference?

Is anyone going to be subpoenaed?

We all know the answer.


  1. Not enough Republican Racists around anymore to keep the Race Industry alive? No problem, there are plenty of Democrat Racists available to pick up the slack.

    The Democrat Race Industry is the biggest impediment to moving more of the Black Community into the Economic Middle Class by getting more Black kids through college.

  2. Good Catholic name like McAulife Surprise And the Virginia Trading Company was England’s name to hide the private ownership of America behind.

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