British Footballer Dies Suddenly In Dubai After ‘Heart Attack’ On The Pitch

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A British footballer has died suddenly in Dubai after suffering a heart attack on the pitch.

Amateur footballer Alfie Nunn, who was 35, reportedly died after having a cardiac arrest while playing football last week.

The media appear to have been warning us. They recently decided to start raising awareness about the risk of sudden cardiac deaths in young people.

The Sun reports: The Londoner, who played for a number of clubs in southeast London and Kent, including Fisher FC, Croydon FC, Canterbury City, and Beckenham Town, had moved to Dubai several years ago to work as an estate agent.

A colleague at his firm, Haus&Haus, told The Sun Online he had passed away while playing football on Thursday afternoon.

Tributes have poured in for the striker, who grew up in Rotherhithe, Southwark, southeast London.

Alfie’s former physio at Fisher FC, who also play in Rotherhithe, told The Sun Online he was a “great guy, loved by everyone”.

In a statement, the club said: “We have been informed that former Fish midfielder Alfie Nunn, who featured regularly during the 2015/16 season, has passed away after suffering a heart attack while playing in Dubai.

“Our thoughts are with Alfie’s family and friends at this sad time.”

The statement went on: “Alfie… grew up close to our St Paul’s ground and played for Bermondsey and Rotherhithe primary schools district side before moving through youth football and appearing for Croydon in the Isthmian League.

“He played under former Fisher manager Dean Harrison at Stansfeld and then Beckenham Town before again joining up with Dean by moving to Fisher in 2015 after short spells at Whitstable Town and Erith & Belvedere.


  1. Reminds me of exactly how our main stream media TV evening news told us ages ago now, that we should all. E prepared to expect to see, I think they said, tens of thousands, or I know they said thousands of people dying of heart attacks in the near future because the silly sausages didn’t go to drs during lockdown. We know what they were pre empting.

  2. he was just in too good of shape, had nothing to do with any vaccine! now go get your vaccine! it is for the greater good.

  3. Never in the history of civilization have we seen this. Scores of young athletes in peak physical shape that have undergone years of medical testing mysteriously collapsing and dying from cardiac issues. Clearly the only other thing that would coincide with this event is the rise of global warming. Ergo, global warming leads to heart disease and is somehow killing young people.

  4. Aussie music icon Glenn Wheatley who was vociferously derogatory to anti lockdown anti vax protestor has died from covid”related “symptoms at 74 They haven’t said he wasn’t vaccinated so he was most likely another who contracted and died after being so called vaccunated for his health. And as his moral Duty. Ask not what your government can do for us but what we van do for it.

  5. it`s a tricky infection according to WHO it has only been prevented by one jabby the nova so our only hope was the XF which like you say is high risky.The upper infection can turn into a SARs infection and once again according to WHO it can also turn into SADs in the lower track infection.But there is no one type of infection as each person fights it off or get reinfected.YEA the jabby suck but so does this virus warfare invasion from the east block on the west block

  6. Another covid death. We need 100% of the people vaccinated with 2 boosters. Our leaders love us and are trying to keep us healthy it is time fort us to listen to their Dr.Fauci and do what we are told. Pfizer loves us too.

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