Hunter Biden Emails Reveal He Fathered Child With ANOTHER Prostitute, Left Her Desperate and Addicted to Narcotics – Media Blackout

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Newly released Hunter Biden emails reveal the president's son fathered another child with a drug-addicted prostitute and then left her homeless and begging for help.

Newly released Hunter Biden emails reveal the president’s son fathered another child with a drug-addicted prostitute and then left her homeless and begging for help.

Non-profit research group Marco Polo has posted 128,775 of Hunter Biden’s emails online in a searchable database that is set to expose the Bidens as brazen criminals and bring down the crime family:

Multiple emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop now made public reveal he had a relationship with a woman named Indira Simo who works as an escort.

Indira Simo – taken from her Instagram account

Hunter Biden’s messages reveal he sent Indira tens of thousands of dollars in payments after the birth of her baby, Nolan. Indira is the fifth highest recipient of funds sent by Biden according to searchable messages in the database.

Indira Simo begs Hunter Biden via email to send her cash for her and the baby
Over the course of one year Hunter Biden sends almost $30,000 to Indira Simo

Hunter also visited the escort after the birth of the baby and posed for photos holding the child.

Hunter Biden holding his illegitimate son Nolan

Hunter was also messaging with Indira’s sister, who refers to Hunter as her “porn star lover man.” An internet search reveals she later became homeless.

Yerania Simo became homeless after becoming embroiled with Hunter Biden

The revelation that Hunter Biden has another child out of wedlock with a woman who works in the sex industry should come as no surprise. Lunden Roberts, the former stripper who bore another one of Hunter Biden’s out-of-wedlock children — and who he claims that he has no memory of meeting — was on his consulting firm’s payroll during her pregnancy, text messages retrieved from his laptop reveal.

And Hunter Biden made sure Roberts was booted off the company insurance plan months after she gave birth, according to the texts, in much the same he abandoned Indira Simo.

Lunden Alexis Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s first out-of-wedlock child

Describing the email tranche as the “Rosetta Stone” of American “white and blue collar crime,” Marco Polo are promising to expose corruption and blackmail and “drive an American renaissance.” You can explore (and download) the entire database here.

The publication of the database marks a dark day for the Biden administration. The emails are now public and mainstream media has given up trying to pretend they are inauthentic. The drop comes at the worst possible time for the Biden administration, which is polling at record low numbers, and the Democrat party at large.

While the left will scramble to cover up the release of the database and smear all those who draw attention to it, their tactics are becoming increasingly obvious to the average person in the street.

Multiple associates of Joe Biden call him the “Big Guy” in emails – the latest in a mountain of evidence that the president was involved in his son’s corrupt business dealings.

Even after the Washington Post and New York Times finally conceded the laptop is authentic (a whole year after alternative media proved it, despite claims by fact checkers to the contrary), White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki continued to claim the president has never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings. Daily Mail report:

But emails and documents on Hunter’s laptop show Joe Biden:

  • Was referenced under the nickname ‘big guy’ as a potential 10% owner in Hunter’s joint venture with Chinese oil giant CEFC, in an email by Hunter’s partner in the deal 
  • Met with Hunter’s foreign business associates at a DC restaurant, despite initial White House denials 
  • At his son’s behest, met with an executive from the allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas firm Burisma, where Hunter had a $1million-per-year board seat  
  • Met with Hunter and his Mexican billionaire business partners in the Vice President’s official residence
  • Flew Hunter and his business partner – a top political donor – on Air Force 2 to Mexico for a business meeting with those same Mexican billionaires 
  • Was issued keys for Hunter’s proposed office to be shared with his Chinese business partners – though Hunter never picked the keys up according to the office manager
  • Met with Hunter’s now-jailed business partner Devon Archer, who was then appointed a Burisma board member alongside Hunter the same month Joe visited Ukraine as VP, according to White House visitor logs
  • Shared a bank account with Hunter and paid each other’s bills 
  • Spoke with former FBI director Louis Freeh who at the time was plotting establishing a DC consultancy with Hunter and Joe catering to foreign criminals 
  • Had Hunter’s business partner file his taxes 
  • Wrote a college recommendation letter for the son of Hunter’s Chinese business partner, Jonathan Li
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