White Liver Transplant Patient Claims He Is Turning Black

Fact checked

A transplant patient, Semen Gendler (yes, that’s his real name) claims he is “turning black” following a liver transplant after being diagnosed with hepatitis C and cancer. 

38-year-old Gendler, from Krasnodar, Russia, was given a liver transplant by an African-American donor, and shortly afterwards colleagues began noticing his skin ‘changing color’.

Yahoo News reports:

His colleague Igor Atamanenko said: ‘I noticed that his skin was getting darker. When he told me they had given him the liver of an African-American man, I guess that was probably the reason for the colour change.

‘I have known my friend for years and he has always been if anything extremely pale, and now for the first time ever he is becoming dark skinned.’

Mr Gendler denied that the skin colour change could’ve simply come from a suntan.

He said: ‘I could end up much darker than this to be honest, I don’t care. The main thing is that the liver works and I am healthy. It’s incredible, I am now so full of energy and living between two cities in New York and Krasnodar and if my skin ends up dark who cares, I certainly don’t.’

He said that he had never been somebody to go out in the sun much and had always avoided it even after the transplant which meant he didn’t believe a suntan was the reason for the change in colour of his skin.

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