Astrology Special! Exclusive Review Of Most Powerful Day Of The Year

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We’ve all read loads about the astronomical and scientific relevance of today’s Solar Eclipse, but little has been said about the ASTROLOGICAL significance.

Well, fortunately for readers, we have our very own astrologer Jacqui Deevoy in the house. Jacqui has been studying astrology for many years, has written several books on the subject and has a weekly column in a bestselling UK women’s glossy magazine.

She says: “March 20th 2015 is one of the most important and powerful days of the year. Not only is there a total solar eclipse, but there’s a New Moon to contend with too. It’s also the start of the Spring Equinox.

There’s so much energy buzzing around right now that many of us will be at a loss as to know what to do with it. The New Moon in Pisces encourages us to follow our dreams however we can. It’s also a time of letting go of the old and pursuing the new.

The position of the Solar Eclipse suggests we are all at a pivotal point, many of us having a BIG choice or decision to make and this isn’t going to be easy for everyone. There’s a ‘window’ between March 20th and April 4th (when there’s a Total Lunar Eclipse) and this is when we should take that leap.

A Solar Eclipse often indicates a time of completion, the end of one major chapter in your life. Big change is afoot, on a general scale as well as a personal one – change that may be beyond our control – and the eclipse reminds us that it’s time to synchronize with the Universe.

Some of us may face disappointments or suffer a loss and, although this may be challenging, great opportunities will arise because of it. There are big life lessons to be learnt right now and we have no choice but to learn them!

The combination of the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon means that, despite being tempted to hide away from our problems and bury our heads in the metaphorical sand, we MUST face up to stuff, confront our fears and deal with issues we may have previously been avoiding. Likewise, if you’ve been in denial or even viewing certain people or situations through those highly useful rose-tinted specs, it’s time to get real and see everything as it really is, no matter how much it hurts! The truth has come a-knocking at your door and you have no choice but to let it in.

All in all, it’s a very emotional time – a time in which, if we so choose, can become more spiritual, sensitive, psychic even. All of us know, deep down, why we’re here and what our mission is: on March 20th, this is highlighted.

So brace yourself – the big challenge starts here and though it’s not going to be easy for everyone, it’s sure as the heavens going to be interesting.

See the list below to see how your own sign will be affected:


ARIES – For you, the Eclipse represents all things spiritual. If you’ve been quite an earthly type, you’ll suddenly feel the need to get to grips with your spirituality. If you’ve been through a rough time in recent years, you now have the strength to move on.

TAURUS – The Eclipse provides you with a new ability to see into the future. Not in a clairvoyant way necessarily, but in a thoughtful, sensible way. For the first time in a long time, you’ll make long-term plans. And once you get the hang of that, there’ll be no going back to your old ways.

GEMINI – You’d kind of given up on certain career plans and ambitions, but as of March 20th 2015, a new hope bursts forth and fantastic work opportunities start falling into your lap. You couldn’t have planned it better. Go with the flow, don’t fight Fate, and your dreams will soon be realized.

CANCER – Because you’re ruled by the Moon, you’ll feel the pull of the Eclipse more than most of the other signs. For you. it marks the start of a journey and could take you off into pastures new and destinations unknown. You’ve been far too sensible for far too long: now’s the time to break free!

LEO – As a Leo, you’re ruled by the Sun so the Solar Eclipse will have a huge effect on you. You’ll now feel brave enough to face up to your fears and conquer them even! Hidden talents emerge, as does a new courageous and creative you! Use this fresh phase wisely.

VIRGO – Your closest relationships are highlighted right now. Issues you’ve swept under the carpet MUST be dealt with. You may have to leave a relationship, especially if you come to the conclusion that it’s going nowhere: if this is what you decide, then don’t fret too much. It’s for the best.

LIBRA –The Eclipse encourages you to take a look at the way you’ve been treating yourself. You may have let yourself go recently, but it’s not too late to put things right. Join a gym, keep your nutrition in check and if there’s any health problem that’s been worrying you, get it checked out ASAP.

SCORPIO – You’re such a sensible person, but the Eclipse is about to change all that. It’s time for sunlight, laughter and love to enter your life – and it couldn’t be better timed! It’s important not to neglect the serious stuff but, from now on, you’ll start to learn how to play as hard as you work.

SAGITTARIUS – Although you’re generally a go-getting, out-and-about type, the Eclipse slows you down and helps you focus more on your home and all that’s in it. You may get ‘nesty’, wanting to improve your surroundings. Your family also become extra important to you – no bad thing.

CAPRICORN – You’ve been on a single track for some time, but the Solar Eclipse encourages you to branch out and broaden your mind and your horizons. If you’ve always fancied taking up a particular course of study, now is a brilliant time to sign up for it.

AQUARIUS – You’ve always been a bit financially reckless, but the Solar Eclipse straightens you out and helps you sort out all your money issues. If you’ve never saved money, now couldn’t be a better time to start. Thinking of investing in something? Go for it! You’re ready to make your millions!

PISCES – As the Eclipse is occurring in your sign, you’ll be affected more than the other signs. You’ll feel the energy of it on a very personal level. Massive changes are imminent but you’ll feel strong enough to cope. It’s definitely a case of out with the old and in with the new for you!

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