Gov. Newsom Admits His 12 Yr Old Daughter Has Not Yet Been Vaccinated, Despite Mandate

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Gov Newsom

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has admitted that his 12-year-old daughter has not yet received the covid vaccination despite being qualified.

This month California became the first state in the country to issue a vaccine mandate for school children. But Newsom says that his daughter has a series of other shots to get first before she will get the Covid jab.

The LA Times recently reported: Newsom’s office would not comment on whether the governor would support legislation to eliminate personal belief exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The governor has said the state’s process offers an “accommodating” personal belief exemption and will provide adequate time to hesitant parents to talk to their doctors and school nurses. He said his own daughter, who recently turned 12 years old and is eligible for the vaccine, has not yet received it because she has “a series of other shots” to get first.

The democrat governor prioritized other vaccines than the COVID-19 vaccine that could “save others lives” and “would end this pandemic”. Is he trying to say that this pandemic isn’t as dangerous as what the media want us to believe?

The Gateway Pundit reports: This is clearly a violation of his own K-12 vaccine mandate. This is an abuse of power by breaking the rules that everyone is expected to obey.

On October 1, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom announced the nation’s first k-12 vaccine mandate for in-person learning. Fresh off of a rigged recall election, he has gone into overdrive.

Previously, students who are 16 or older are only eligible for the Pfizer jab. Now, children ages 12 to 15 are qualified to get the Pfizer shot under emergency use.

It is not the first time the leftist governor has violated his own mandate. Last July, Newsom pulled his 10-year-old son from summer camp after maskless photos of the children surfaced.

In California children aged 2-11 must wear masks during “camps for youth, youth sports and other youth activities including theater and music performances and band.”

Democrat Newsom acted like the victim and threw the summer camp under the bus when confronted about the pictures of his maskless son.

Another incident was when Gavin Newsom attended a dinner party at The French Laundry, a restaurant in Napa Valley that charges $800 per person for their tasting menu while he told Californians they can’t gather with their families for Thanksgiving.


  1. I want to see concrete infallible irrefutable evicence indisputable that all they who are firing vaccinations ONTO ANYONE else have had themselves and their families, loved ones, all injected with EXACTLY the same “vaccine” substance as they would have us injected with. Irrefutable proof.

      • And NOT that they wouldn’t believe that they are getting the same as everyone else, but because they would naturally be the first ones deceived and yet they would also be the nost trusting on earth of their comrades, their colleagues associates fellow union mvers of the class war. No we need to have proof. Irrefutable Not their word Evidence Indisputable Because by some COINCIDENCE none of them or their loved ones are now dead or blind or paralysed or in emergency or hospital or too sick to come out of their homes How fortunate for the propagandists is that coincidence ?

        • And until such time as they are not insisting on knowing exactly who the patient is.,havent demanded their identity papers in advance of going behind the screen to fetch the vaccine, then anyone who trusts them is stupid There should be NO REASON for them to not be vaccinating queues of people who then after receiving the jab pass into the next step of providing their identity to receive their CONFIRMATION of having receiving the mark.

          • And if these emergency vaccines, the KEAST tested medical treatments to EVER be forced upon the WHOLE WORLD, IN history are so safe, then WHY are they CENSORING all the evidence of deaths blindness paralysis and other effects? Why are they shoving the corpses put of sight, gagging the blinded and hiding the paralysed? Why if they’re so caring and so concerned with the truth are they censoring the hundreds of thousands globally who are crying out that they wish they had never had the jab because they’re life’s are ruined and they’re suffering so badly? What sort of monsters do that!!!!????

  2. Newsom is running scared right now.. He knows he’s crossed a line with children but his overlords ordered him to jab. Jabbin Gavin might end up on a telephone pole if this goes bad.

  3. Cabal creeps never vaccinate their own since they know the truth about vaccines. If they fake getting it, all they get is saline water & not the real pharma poison. Time for all of them to hang. They’ve been damaging, destroying & killing humanity & the animals for over 100 yrs with all their pharma sorcery. FYI, in Scripture, the original Greek text for sorcery is pharmakia. Read Revelation 18:23 – God told us long ago that the evil ones would deceive all the nations with their pharmakia.

    • You are correct. And not all the vaccines have the same witches brew. They are tailored to affect different groups. Older people it will just kill or make very sick. Younger people and children may develop various diseases or may damage their immune and reproductive systems. Its also a cognitive suppressor and destroys the freewill, decision making, the ability to discern the spirits so to speak.
      The beast of Revelation maybe raising its head.
      And they worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?”

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