Trans Activists Begin Burning Harry Potter Books To Protest Bigotry

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Trans activists begin burning Harry Potter books in protest to bigotry

A trans activist has decided to protest J.K. Rowling’s “bigotry” by burning Harry Potter books, prompting the author to respond.

The person, named Tess Hall, posted a video of a copy of the Harry Potter book ‘Goblet of Fire’ being burned, with the activist talking about the “hate we’ve been seeing of late.” reports: Before throwing the book into the flames, Hall continues, “If we’re going to return to this sort of time where hate is involved, people marching the street against the existence of others,” adding “I think if we are going to be in the business of book burning lets make sure we are burning the right books.”

Hall then delivers a monologue about ‘extinguishing hate with love and acceptance of all,’ while referring to Christians as ‘Christo-fascists.’

Rowling responded to the video:

Others chimed in:

Respondents to the book burning trend have previously pointed out the similarity to how religious fundamentalists wanted to burn Harry Potter books in the 2000s.


  1. I’d rather have a Wizard’s Wand than a Butt-Plug!
    Turn these Queers into squeaky, little RATS, Harry!

  2. I never understood why kids went bonkers over potter I know English culture is all about witches and wizards and magic wands and secret spells and all that ghoulish occult world but really I suspect it was a some sort of mass psychosis somehow induced through schools.

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