Netanyahu at War with Militant Musicians

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Leading up to the elections, the Israeli prime-minister Benjamin Netanyahu has released videos to help with his struggle against ‘evil ones’ and his coming election. He is offering salvation to the Israeli nation based on strength. In the videos he is depicted as a giant cuddly teddy bear protecting the nation against all evil doers-real or imaginary.

  • In the fist video he announces to a couple… that he is the “Bibi-sitter”– the only one in the nation who can look after the country’s children– while Zionist Camp Party leaders Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog, his political opponents, are not to be trusted. “This election, vote for who will care for your children,” he says to camera. The parents leave, only to return to their house moments later to find Netanyahu nesting on the sofa and their children no-where to be seen.


  • “Shalom (Peace)!” they shout with glee.
  • “Not unconditionally,” Netanyahu replies.
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  • In the other video he suggests that he is the protector of Israel by fighting the Opposition to Israel-real or imaginary.
  • The Jordanian rap group Torabyeh are suing Mr. Netanyahu for using their song in his promotional video, and are now fearful of Isis coming after them for Revenge.
  • It shows Actors dressed as Isis militants in a truck which has a bumper sticker that reads “just not Bibi” on it.
  • The ‘militants’ meet another driver and ask him in Hebrew “how do we get to Jerusalem?” to which the man replies “take a left.” “The left will give in to terror,” a message on the screen reads. Read more:  why a jordanian rap group is threatening to sue netanyahu
  • The videos are in Hebrew/Arabic

hebrongirlThere is publicity surrounding this video/issue, while Real people are being burnt and mutilated by the Terrorist group. The 65-year-old Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime minister of israel needs your vote- if you are a certain type of Israeli- Otherwise FORGET IT.

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