Hezbollah: Saudi Arabia Sponsors Terrorism, Doesn’t Fight It

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Hezbollah accuse Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism

Hezbollah have accused Saudi Arabia of actively supporting terrorism in response to Saudi’s decision to suspend aid to the Lebanese army. 

The Lebanese resistance organisation said that Saudi Arabia’s decision to pull support for the army exposes its false claims of ‘combating terrorism’.

Presstv.com reports:

Earlier, Saudi Arabia suspended a $3-billion package to the Lebanese army and a remainder of $1 billion in aid to its internal security forces.

The $3-billion package was provided to Lebanon to buy military equipment from France. The first shipment of French weapons and military equipment had already been delivered to Lebanon in April 2015 under the Saudi-funded deal to bolster the Lebanese army’s fight against Takfiri militants encroaching from neighboring Syria.

The resistance movement added that the Saudi halt of aid reveals the real stance of Riyadh, which supports and funds terrorism in the Muslim and Arab world.

Meanwhile, the statement said the decision was expected and has not surprised anyone in Lebanon as several officials with Beirut government were fully aware that the Saudi decision has been taken since a long time and many local and international media outlets circulated it.

The movement also attributed the kingdom’s decision to the severe financial crisis it currently suffers due to its war on Yemen and involvement in the conspiracy of slashing the oil prices.

“This financial crisis has led to an unprecedented austerity measures inside the kingdom.”

Hezbollah said blaming the movement and the Lebanese Foreign Ministry for such a decision is a failed attempt which cannot fool the reasonable and wise.

Riyadh proceeded to “a total evaluation of its relations with the Lebanese republic” in light of positions taken by Hezbollah, an unnamed official told the Saudi Press Agency on Friday.

The decision comes following recent victories by the Syrian army, backed by Hezbollah, against the Takfiri militants fighting to topple the Damascus government.

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