Did ISIS plot Paris terror attack? Tweets warn prior to massacre

Fact checked

Tweets have come to light about the Charlie Hebdo plot where an alleged ISIS member bragged about the plot a day before the massacre occurred.

The Mirror reports:

Chillingly a well-known Islamic State jihadist fighting on the Syrian frontline tweeted the day BEFORE the attacks, hinting that France would suffer a tragedy with a reference to “snail-eating people” – presumably the French dish escargot, or snails – and a crying emoticon face.

Less than two hours after 12 innocent people were killed he tweeted again to say: “You heard it here first.”

The Maldives-born man, thought to be an IS fighter in his 20s, uses the twitter name @PaladinOfJihad to spout his murderous beliefs.

His first post dropped the day before the attack, which happened just before midday and then just after the attack he posted the following claim: “You heard it here first. #SnailEaters ate lead. #DustNeverSettledDown.”


Tweets from an alleged IS fighter with the Twitter handle @PaladinOfJihad – does this show prior knowledge of the Charlie Hebdo terror attack?

These tweets now raise questions as to whether Al Qaeda are actually responsible for the attacks as previously thought , with the two suspects being linked to them, or whether this was an ISIS attack.