DHS Warns Of ‘Violent Threats’ From ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Who Expect Trump To Return To Power

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The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is again alleging that there are growing threats of violence from online conspiracy theorists who expect former president Donald Trump to return to power.

While hyping up the supposed threats the DHS admitted it had no details on any “specific plots” or “planned actions.”

RT reports: The agency warned of “an increasing but modest level of activity” by those advocating violence online, saying they may resort to more drastic measures if Donald Trump does not regain the presidency sometime this month, as they purportedly believe will happen.

“Some conspiracy theories associated with reinstating former president Trump have included calls for violence if desired outcomes are not realized,” the DHS said on Friday in an internal intelligence bulletin obtained by ABC News.

Over the last few days… there’s been much more public visibility, meaning the discussions and these theories have migrated away from being contained within the conspiracy and extremist online communities.

However, despite the alarming tone of the document, the DHS went on to say that “we lack information on specific plots or planned actions,” instead citing generic “reporting” which suggests “these activities may occur during August 2021.”

Still, the agency said it does not have the “luxury” to wait around for evidence and must take a more proactive approach, adding that “lone offenders and small groups of individuals could mobilize to violence with little-to-no warning.” It did not elaborate on how it planned to prevent such unspecific threats.

Friday’s bulletin is far from Homeland’s first on the subject, as it has issued a flurry of similar warnings about so-called “domestic extremists” since the riot at the US Capitol on January 6. The agency churned out two separate documents on the growing extremism threat in June, one also pointing to ‘QAnon’ conspiracy theories about Trump’s imminent return to office. Nonetheless, that bulletin also acknowledged that DHS had “no evidence” of any particular plans for violence at the time, but merely noted that some extremists have been influenced by conspiracy theories in the past.

The FBI has also joined the growing crusade against homegrown extremism, putting out its own series of breathless warnings about QAnon, Trump supporters and conspiracy theories since the unrest at the Capitol. One joint report with the DHS in June predicted that many believers in such theories would soon “disengage from the movement,” though that apparently did not come to pass given the steady stream of warnings since.

Last month, the bureau even went as far as to urge friends and family members of suspected violent extremists to report their loved ones to the feds. The request drew heated criticism online, with some blasting the FBI as the ‘American Stasi.’


  1. Luke the Paris mob warning that the King might try to claim the throne after they stole it using the rule of law and violence crimes and lies .

    • The military knows, you know, and even many registered democrats know; only the most mind controlled CNN watchers don’t know.

  2. Just to be clear here — ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Who Expect Trump To Return To Power’ = Antifa and fbi stooges Who FEAR Trump Wil Return to Power , there I fixed it for you News Punch ….

    • Trump’s team are all saying the bioweapon is CCP s fault and that’s not true .I don’t want them back if they just start ww3 with China and also Trump’s the one who rushed the vaccines into place .What was needed then was a leader who didn’t take orders from Imperial College or the UN but who networked with other leaders But the risk was the scientists releasing deadly weapons to prove they were right .And they would too .It’s a very bad reality all round .

      • Whereas having a bunch of stooges aligned with a communist dictatorship engaged in body part selling and ethnic cleansing would be better? I agree, the Chinese people are not our enemies. The CCP probably is. Also, I seem to recall I read NIH was the responsible party and that they sent that 1918 pandemic flu recovered from the frozen body of a woman they dug up in Alaska who died in the 1918 pandemic to some weapons labs here in the US of A and then, somehow, it ends up in China funded by NIH. Sort of makes me question whether this is actually a person who should be holding a position as a public official.

  3. I’m not convinced ‘Homeland’ security actually serves Americans to be honest. The term for a Government Department just screams Religion and there is only ever one state that bangs on about there being a ‘Homeland’.

  4. A more realistic concern should be that the ‘Scam-demic’ that goes along with the ‘Election Rigging’ that is being exposed…

    • Uh, I beg to differ from you. There is, apparently, always a need for the democrats to be violent. I guess burning down whole city blocks, maiming the cops and innocent people while ruining other Americans businesses doesn’t qualify as being as violent as a few over excited Americans at the Capitol building and thousands of others waiting between two purple ropes with their walkers and canes..LOL

  5. If President Trump’s destiny was to have been in the White House this term nothing, not even the Democrats, could have stopped it.

    • I disagree. 17 % of democrats said they wouldn’t vote for Biden before the election. 30% of democrats say “now” that they too think the election was stolen. Frankly the math to support isn’t there if those statistics are correct and they aren’t hard to find either.

      • So are you saying that, let’s say God (like some people are claiming) fore-ordained President Trump to have a second term the Democrats could have stopped that?

  6. Just DHS doing what they were created to do. Guarantee continuation of government at all costs. Even if it means killing everyone.

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  8. I follow a wide variety of alternative news sites that include the “Trump is still President” crowd, and not a single solitary one of them has suggested violence of any kind. This is the deep state painting a false narrative – as usual, it’s a complete inversion of the truth and it’s very clever – demonizing actual Trump supporters in the media, and at the same time setting the stage for riots and violence that THEY will commit. We’ve got numerous states doing actual forensic audits of their ballots (unlike the usual audit situation where already-corrupt election officials just take a cursory look at the machine to verify it has a current OS and calling it “certified” if it does), Mike Lindell is about to have a 3 day symposium on election fraud, etc. ANTIFA, BLM, and other agents and mercenaries trained with our very own tax money will then put on MAGA hats and start burning, breaking, and vandalizing things, to make it look like Trump supporters. And the 3-letter agencies will say “see we were right about Trump supporters being violent extremists.” If you support Trump you need to be aware of this, and make absolutely certain that you do NOT get caught up in these “protests” or else you’ll suffer the same fate as the January 6 political prisoners. If you hear about a Trump RALLY, by all means attend, but if you hear about MAGA people PROTESTING anytime soon, stay away from it. It is likely a false flag designed to incite you into doing something illegal.

  9. The same FBI tthat couldn’t find illegality in the Hillary Clinton case? The same FBI that investigated Russia Russia Russia? The same FBI th at setup Jan 6th? The same FBI that setup the Governor Whitless kidnapping case? Oh THAT FBI? Yes, we Trump supporters are certainly angry. Maybe they can setup another “crime” and then “solve it” to prove this BS rhetoric.

  10. The DHS? Yeah sure. Thanks ex President, George, “jobs Americans won’t do” Bush. Thanks for sticking the U.S. with another organization whose purpose seems to exclusively be to mistrust American citizens.

  11. it is your Right AND Duty to take up Arms against a tyrannical oppressive regime. there isn’t anything EXTREME about it.

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