Trump Vows To Fix America: ‘Our Country Is Going to Hell’

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Trump vows to fix America when reelected President

President Donald Trump will outline his plan to “save our country” in his upcoming speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

In a post on Truth Social, Thursday, Trump declared, “I will be at CPAC on Saturday, talking about the fact that, obviously, our Country is going to ‘HELL’, and how to fix it.”

“Also, the Democrats use of Radical Left Prosecutors and the WEAPONIZATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT,” Trump added.

“It is illegal, has never been used and abused like this, and has the potential to bring down our once fair and wonderful Country,” Trump continued.

“These Marxist Thugs have been after me for years, only to help them win elections. In just Two Years, we have become a Third World Failing Nation. MAGA!!!” Trump added. reports: After two years of relocating to Florida, the four-day event will return to the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor.

While Trump will speak at CPAC, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Republican candidate Nikki Haley and former Vice President Mike Pence will be cozying up at the 2024 GOP annual donor retreat, the Club for Growth group, an event Trump is not invited to.

Trump slammed the group on Truth Social earlier this month, calling them “an assemblage of political misfits, globalists, and losers.”

The news comes not long after Trump challenger Jeb Bush came out of the woodwork to praise Ron DeSantis.

As The Daily Fetched reported, Bush emphasized the need for a “more forward-leaning future” and affirmed his belief that DeSantis has the opportunity to run for higher office.

“There are people in public life that are kind of check the box politicians, and then there are others they want to serve, and Governor DeSantis is one of those,” the former Florida governor said during a Fox Nation special on DeSantis.


  1. This is way beyond politics. No man can “fix” what our world is experiencing. It’s written in the Bible over and over again. We’re in the last age. The only leader you should be following is Jesus. We’re at the jumping point now and it’s time to take this VERY seriously.

  2. He’s obviously never read a Bible. I haven’t seen anyone anywhere, in churches ministers politics etc who actually has. They all talk as if they have But most that think they have actually have only read the bibles as instructed by their superiors, so in EFFECT a cut and paste reworking of the Book to suit some false prophets. In fact exactly what revelations says, any who add to or take away from this work are screwed and will go to hell. And that’s e actly what all of the Church’s do when they say join this chapters here in this book, say Romans, to that chapter there in that book, say Psalms. Add too and take away from.
    Anyway anyone who has actually read the book from the beginning to the end knows the world is going to Hell basically becuae the yre 99.99999% utterly corript or sinners, or abominations, or hypocrites and because they don’t even know it, thanks to their “religious instructors” won’t even think they need to repent so are doomed

    • Every Bible no matter the age or translation has now supernaturally changed form what’s called the Mandela effect in hundreds of passages now. See website wakeuporelse. And it’s not just bibles, literally thousands of things now CHANGED. This is NOT your memory

  3. Trumps screwed The courts have kicked out his appeals against being charged and sued for the riots at the Congress caused by,as many say, the democrats and th e stolen election,which conveniently isn’t even a criminal offence.Anywat Trump had 1 chance to seize the election and he let it slip away .Now hes learning the lessons he should have known since he was about 7 or 8 years old about Justice and vtruth and the “American way ”
    He didn’t listen.
    Now ,if he doesn’t get convicted and lose millions and millions,he will be in Court or at his lawyers constantly And If he loses ,which looks very very likely ,he will lose millions and be a criminal I suspect so unable to run .He will ,at his age spend the rest 9d his life appealing and will be remembered as Defendant trump by them in their classrooms and curriculums for a few decades and then trashed into oblivion as if he never existed

  4. He is the one that funded the destruction with his signing over 6 trillion dollars of printed up money to his little hat friends.

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