Thousands of Italians Rise Up To Reject Mandatory Vaccine Passports

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Thousands of Italians rise up to protest mandatory vaccine passports

Italians are rising up against the facist government’s introduction of mandatory vaccine passports, with thousands of residents taking to the streets on Thursday, chanting, “No dictatorship!”

After France and the UK announced plans to introduce vaccination passports as a requirement to enter venues, Italy decided to follow suit.

From August 6, Italians will be forced to enrol in a “green certification” program which will ban unvaccinated individuals from restaurants, bars, shops, swimming pools, and gyms, according to reports.

Angry Italians in Turin reacted by immediately taking to the streets. reports: The crowd chanted, “No green pass, no green pass!”, “No dictatorship, no dictatorship!” and “freedom, freedom!” during the demonstration.

The new measures were justified by “a spike in infections driven by the Delta variant,” although the 5,057 new coronavirus infections reported on Thursday are around 10 times lower than the peak in infections the country experienced back in November.

If the protests in Italy are anything like what we’ve seen in France, expect them to become unruly in a hurry.

Although the unrest there forced President Macron to marginally reduce back some of the places where vaccine passports will be required, the list is still lengthy and includes public transport, bars, cafes and shopping centers with a surface area of more than 20,000 square meters.

Another major protest against vaccine passports is also scheduled to take place in London on Saturday.

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