Buzz Aldrin Passes Lie Detector Test: “I Met Aliens In Space”

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Buzz Aldrin passes lie detector test, claiming that he has seen aliens in space

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin has passed a lie detector test over claims that he and others encountered aliens during a trip to the moon.

Aldrin, Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper passed the most advanced lie detector test available at The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, Ohio. According to the results of the tests, all 4 former astronauts have had encounters with aliens during their NASA missions. reports: One of the first tested was Apollo 11 pilot Buzz Aldrin, now 88 – the second human to set foot on the lunar surface in 1969.

Aldrin has always maintained he spotted a UFO on the way to the moon, saying: “There was something out there that was close enough to be observed, sort of L-shaped.”

BioAcoustic’s Sharry Edwards said tests reveal Aldrin is sure he saw the UFO even though his logical mind “cannot explain it”.

Apollo 15 pilot Al Worden, 86, stunned Good Morning Britain viewers when he claimed to have seen extra-terrestrials.

He believes we are all descended from ancient aliens. Voice recordings of fellow Nasa pioneers Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, both now dead, were also analysed.

Apollo 14’s Mitchell claimed to have seen several UFOs, while Cooper actually described trying to chase a cluster of objects. The tests revealed both men believed they were telling the whole truth.


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  2. Does he remember the studio location where they filmed the fake moon landings hoax? Or perhaps even a memory of the parking lot? Is there a clinical file detailing the medications prescribed by the NASA approved Physicians? Psychoactive drugs may produce delusions that appear to be real to the sufferer.

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