Chinese Accuse America Of Orchestrating Russian Plane Crash

Fact checked
Chinese people have blamed the Russian plane crash in Egypt on America

Chinese citizens have taken to social media to express their belief that America are responsible for the Russian plane crash that killed over 200 people on Saturday. 

After the news was broadcast by Chinese media, news outlets began reporting about anti-American comments flooding social media, such as:

“Vile Americans and their dirty deeds … monsters” (86 likes) Shaanxi, XI’an

“The Americans are beasts” Shandong, Qingdao

“God, I pray for them” Jiangsu, Suzhou

“What happened? Another MH370” Henan, Zhengzhou

“Again, the Americans!” Guizhou, Li Du

Fort Russ Blog reports:

From the other comments only the guest from South China Guangzhou stands out:

“Are only students posting in comments? USA, USA! No one yet figured out what happened. You only blame the US for everything, and besides the US – you only talk about what to eat, drink and crap! You all have problems with your brains!” (13 likes)

On the state website of “International review” (“Huanzhu Shibao”) comments did not differ in diversity of opinions:

“America’s revenge did not take long.” (480 likes) Jiangsu, Nantong

“The hand of American gangsters is behind all this!” (145 likes), Tianjin

“Mourning for the victims of the Russian people” (129 likes) Henan Nanyang

“99% it is connected to the USA” (38 likes) Jiangsu Wuxi

The Airbus of company “Kogalymavia” (also Metrojet), flying on October 31 from Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt) to St. Petersburg, disappeared from radar screens 23 minutes after takeoff. On board were from 212 to 217 passengers (mostly Russian tourists) and seven crew members.