Scientists Learn To Selectively Erase & Restore Memories In The Brain

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Via Collective Evolution (source):  Wiping out memories at will, sounds like something out of a science fiction movie doesn’t it? Now, it’s not just in the movies, and science continues to move forward continually turning science fiction into science fact.

We do not condone animal testing, especially this type where the animals are subjected to negative emotions. I did however find it important to write about given the fact that trauma induced mind control experiments are happening to human beings on a daily basis. We’ve seen this with programs such as MK Ultra that I will elaborate on further in this article. This is why I wanted to bring awareness to the study, to bring more awareness on programs like MK Ultra.

Researchers have discovered how to erase and then restore the lost memory in genetically modified rats with a single flash of light. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of California in San Diego and was published in the journal Nature. This is the very first piece of public evidence that strengthening or weakening connections between neurones in the brain can influence particular memories.(1)

“We can form a memory, erase that memory and we can reactivate it, at will, by applying a stimulus that selectively strengthens or weakens synaptic connections.” – Robert Malinow, snior author, MD, PhD, Dept of Neurosciences

They used fear to accomplish memory loss.

Scientists optically stimulated a group of nerves in the brain of rats that had been genetically modified to make them sensitive to light, and simultaneously delivered an electrical shock to the animal’s foot. The rats soon learned to associate the optical nerve stimulation with pain and displayed fear behaviours when these nerves were stimulated.” (1)

Scientists observed chemical changes that are indicative of synaptic strengthening. They also demonstrated the ability to weaken this circuitry by stimulating the same nerves with a “memory-erasing, low-frequency train of optical pulses.”

“After this, the rats subsequently no longer responded to the original nerve stimulation with fear, suggesting the pain-association memory had been erased.”   (1)

Scientists discovered that they could re-activate the lost memory by re-stimulating the same nerves with a memory-forming, high frequency train of optical pulses.

Scientific discoveries are great, but it’s the consciousness and the driving force behind these discoveries that really matter. Our world has used science and technology to destroy the planet when we should be doing the complete opposite. Our potential as a human race is extraordinary, and we are capable of pretty much anything. We are capable of healing the world with our science and technological discoveries alone, but it’s the consciousness that operates that technology is where true change can come from.

The potential implications of this study? Researchers noted how in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease, synaptic connections weaken in much the same way that low-frequency stimulation erased memories in rats.

“Since our work shows we can reverse the processes that weaken synapses, we could potentially counteract some of the beta amyloid’s effects in Alzheimer’s patients.”   (1)

MK Ultra and Trauma Based Mind Control

MK Ultra was the name for a previously classified research program through the CIA’s scientific intelligence division. It was the CIA’s program of research in behavioural modification and perception manipulation of human beings (source). It was previously known as Operation Paperclip (source).

The United States government even issued a national apology for the program while Bill Clinton was in office, but there is a lot of evidence (I believe) to suggest that programs like this continue to this day. Most programs within the military industrial complex have zero oversight by congress. Although the program began in the 1950′s, it was not until the late 1970′s when The Freedom of Information Act uncovered thousands of documents that shed light on MK ultra.

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Roseanne Barr recently expressed that “MK Ultra rules in Hollywood.” You can read more about that HERE.

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From the research I’ve done on MK Ultra, military abductions and more, I am very convinced that wiping memory has occurred multiple times within these programs. I’ve come across many researchers claiming that astronauts have been subjected to this these types of procedures, as well as hollywood stars, military personnel and more. Many significant scientific discoveries made are not usually publicly disclosed until years later. You can take a look at some examples HERE.

The best way to keep something secret is to get rid of the memory.



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