Chaos In Italian Parliament As MPs Protest Mandatory Covid ‘Green Pass’

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Italy parliament MPS protest

A session at the Italian Parliament turned chaotic on Thursday, after a group of MPs started protesting the country’s covid ‘Green Pass’ which is about to become mandatory for accessing most public venues.

The ‘Green Pass’ is a digital or paper certificate that shows whether someone has received at least one jab, tested negative, or is recently recovered from COVID-19. It will become mandatory from August 6.

The protest was held by members of the Brothers of Italy (FdI) party and took place in the parliamentary chamber.

RT reports: One of the MPs was promptly chased away by his opponents, however the FdI still managed to continue its demonstration, prompting the speaker to suspend the session.

The protesting MPs were booed by their political opponents who support the vaccine certificate system.

The incident unfolded shortly before the legislature was set to vote on a motion, launched by the FdI, questioning whether the recent decree to expand the Green Pass was constitutional. After order was restored and the session continued, the motion was shot down, with 51 votes in favor, 288 against, and a single abstention.

Italy’s Green Pass was launched in late June. The certificate is issued for people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, have tested negative in the previous 48 hours, or have recovered from the disease.

The Pass, however, was ultimately expanded into more of a binding document. Starting from August 6, the Green Pass will be required for indoor dining, and only its holders will be allowed into gyms, swimming pools, museums and other venues across Italy. The measure has triggered mass protests in Italy, with its opponents condemning the Green Pass initiative as discriminatory.

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