Chelsea Clinton: Trump ‘OBSESSED’ With My Mom Because She Won

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Chelsea Clinton claims President Trump is obsessed with her mother

Chelsea Clinton has claimed that President Trump is “obsessed” with her mother because Hillary “won the popular vote” in 2016.

Speaking during an interview on talk show “The Real,” Chelsea boasted that Trump is both “intimidated” and “threatened” by the twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate.

“He’s obsessed with her!” Clinton said.

“I mean, he talks about her all the time,” she went on.

“He talks about her in interviews,” she added.

“He talks about her in rallies. He tweets about her.”

“I think it’s really clear that he has never gotten over the fact that she won the popular vote by more than 3 million votes,” Clinton boasted.

Chelsea then explained that she believes Trump is “intimidated” by strong women like her mom.

“I don’t think it’s an accident that we saw kind of how he reacted to Kamala Harris’ extraordinary debate performance, which similarly, he felt quite threatened by.”

Clinton said she wishes Trump would think less about her mother and keep his mind on the coronavirus pandemic instead.


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