ANOTHER False Alert: Japan Issues N. Korea Ballistic Missile Warning

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Japan issues false ballistic missile alert, just days after Hawaii

Millions of citizens in Japan were sent a ballistic missile warning on Tuesday – just two days after Hawaii “accidentally” alerted residents of the exact same thing. 

Japan’s national broadcaster, NHK News, sent a text alert to citizens reporting that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile at the country.

The Sun reports: NHK News initially sent out a tweet warning of a missile launch and warned people to evacuate and take shelter.

It translated to: “North Korea appears to have launched a missile…The government urges people to take shelter inside buildings or underground.”

But minutes later it deleted the tweet and tweeted “Patterns of North Korean missile launch is erroneous”.

The nightmarish warning was received by people with national broadcaster NHK’s app on their phones.

An apology was issued on the NHK’s website and later shared on its social media platforms.

It read: “Around 6:55pm earlier we reported on the NHK’s news site and NHK’s news disaster prevention application ‘Pattern of North Korean missile launch’ but this was incorrectly issued. J alert has not appeared. I must sincerely apologise.”

There were no immediate reports of panic or other disruptions.

It comes days after false alert led a million people in Hawaii to believe they were within minutes of being obliterated by a nuclear missile.

The terrifying message — apparently caused by an employee hitting the wrong button — jolted Hawaiians awake and sent some running for cover.

Officials said he didn’t even realise what he had one until mobile phones in the command centre began displaying the alert.

“This guy feels bad, right. He’s not doing this on purpose – it was a mistake on his part and he feels terrible about it,” said EMA Administrator Vern Miyagi in a press conference Saturday afternoon.

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