Joy Behar Says “Gun Laws Will Change Once Black People Get Guns In This Country”

Fact checked
Joy Behar

The View host Joy Behar is facing ridicule after claiming on Wednesdays show that “Once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change.”

Behar was responding to guest host Lindsey Granger who told the story about a Connecticut man who built his own AR-15 for the sake of defending his family after a neighborhood home invasion.

Breitbart reports: Granger used the man’s example to argue that owning an AR-15 does not mean someone is crazy.

She said, “He is a Black man, it’s odd. Most AR-15 owners are former military, 35+ and married. That’s all I’m saying is that they’re not just crazy people.”

Behar snapped, “Here’s the thing, once Black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change. Trust me.”

On August 4, 2020, amid the unprecedented gun-buying boom that followed news of coronavirus and COVID lockdowns, and subsequent social unrest, Breitbart News noted National Shooting Sports Foundation numbers showing gun purchases by women and black Americans were up 59 percent over 2019.


  1. Rabble rousing whores Thats their purpose To divide from within And they sit there like good little girls telling their little 2 paerty divide fairy stories acting as if that’s all they know. Shameless sluts.

  2. They’re like the equivalent today if the enlightenment movement from Paris pre French revolution All sitting there spouting their equality liberty storyline Free the peasants, release the psychopaths down with the goodies up with vive le French patriotic communists party, basically And Marie Antounette would have them in her salon it was so fashionable to be cool and fashionable, like todays democratique collective.
    Being in the in crowd doesn’t save you . Marie’s best friend and leader of the ladies Freemasons wasn’t spared. She was viciously murdered.
    Like Robespierre and all of his mob once they’d finished with them and wanted no loose lips who knew too much left to tell any true tales . Knowledge of them, as one of them but not really, just a useful good friend who we love so much, bon ami, is a double edged sword and all who live by the sword will
    die by it.
    I can see Joy looking joyless sooner rather than later.

  3. From time to time, in trips to see friends in Virginia, several years ago, I went to a local shooting range.

    Plenty of black people, with their guns, at the shooting range.

    I never noted the slightest panic by white folks who were there shooting their pistols. None. Joy Behar says these things, does not get challenged. No proof requested. Another example of MSM failure.

    We have numerous black cops in our area. Thanks to them and cops of all races, for protecting us.

    As to Joy Behar, she is a clear example of a lefty spouting garbage, and the likes of Jim Acosta say nothing about it, and don’t challenge her.

  4. Every weekend in Chicago 15 to 30 black people are being shot by black people with guns. This lady is confused. Blacks have guns

  5. Too much paid into this…this is scripted for outrage. The women on this program have a role to play to illicit a response from a certain segment of the population to generate clicks for ad dollars. It is for entertainment and advertising dollars. You can’t honestly think these women, worth tens of millions, don’t know exactly what they are doing and saying. Shut them off from your minds. They are a time suck.

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