Debate Commission Considering BANNING Biden Foreign Corruption Discussion

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Debate commission proposes banning discussion on Hunter Biden scandal

The far-left debate commission is considering banning all questions related to the Biden foreign corruption and money laundering scandal, according to Trump advisor Jason Miller.

‘Hearing @debates considering yet another new unilateral rules change: banning any questions to Sleepy Joe Biden about foreign corruption and how much money is being set aside for “the big guy”,’ Miller tweeted on Wednesday. reports:

Earlier this week the debate commission unilaterally decided to cut the mics during the debate.

And before that the debate commission decided to change the topic in the final debate away from foreign policy so Joe Biden will not have to defend his tragic record and pay-for-play schemes.

This would also prevent President Trump from discussing his historic Isreali-Arab peace deals, his NATO successes, his peace talks with Kim Jong Un and his peace deal between Kosovo and Serbia.