Video: Wow – A Compilation Of The Bizarre Events Happening On Earth Now

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We all know that in these last few months of 2014, world events have escalated to a point which we have never seen before.

Even “non believers” in “conspiracy” have begun to look around and ask “what the heck is going on?”.

In an article titled “Weird Events Happening Now Globally! The Big Picture” [1], the author writes:

New clips compiled to better give the “big picture” of what we are seeing globally from civil unrest to extreme weather events, when seen together show that something big is happening, right now.

The video below is a compilation published on December 7, 2014 by Pirata, and is representative of the chaotic atmosphere and times we are living in, which many believe are the “end times.”

Watch the video below and let us know:  do you think we are on the brink of an unprecedented event?

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[1] Weird Events Happening Now Globally! The Big Picture

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