Stunning: Are The Black Eyed Children Seen Across The UK and US Human?

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We here at have written before about the so-called “Black Eyed Children” (read the full article and watch the amazing video here).  The subject is quite interesting and the ones who have had experiences with these children range from mainstream media journalists to scientists and doctors to everyday people.

Who or, perhaps more appropriately what are the black eyed children – are they children born with a hidden or unknown genetic defect, or is it something darker or deeper?

In a new article called “Are Black Eyed Kids Really Hybrid Children? Astounding Analysis By Timothy Alberino!” [1] by journalist Susan Duclos, she examines the mystery and presents fascinating video analysis of what or who these children could possibly be.

Duclos writes:

Via the Steve Quayle Official YouTube channel (Bookmark it!) Timothy Alberino gives an outstanding analysis of the global Black Eyed Kids phenomenon, where and when it truly began (it wasn’t 1996 on the internet) to present day encounters, not withstanding the cases that are hoaxes with special eye contacts.

Alberino explains when the encounters were first described, before the Internet even existed and the similarities from those accounts back in the 1940’s, such as the completely black eyes, the monotone voices, and the foul odor described, to the modern era encounters, concluding that these cannot be waved away as just a myth, not when millions of people recount similar encounters, even those that have never heard of the phenomenon, Unless of course unassociated people from across the world are all suffering from some type of mass illusion.

Are these children truly “hybrids?” What is the connection to supposed alien abduction accounts? Via the video details we see the questions “Is it just an urban legend?… An internet mythos?… Pop culture sensationalism?… Or is it real?

This is one of the best analysis seen to date on these questions and the history of these sightings.

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