Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ To Be Transformed Into Elite 5-Star Resort

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Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious Little St. James Island – better known as Pedophile Island – has been snapped up for $60 million by a billionaire with plans to transform it into a luxury five-star resort for elites.

Stephen Deckoff, an entrepreneur and investor, has plans to develop a 25-room retreat spanning the islands of Little St James and Great St James in the US Virgin Islands. His goal is to have the resort open by 2025.

Turning his dream resort into a successful business could prove to be a significant challenge for Deckoff. Even more challenging, however, will be convincing affluent tourists to spend their leisure time on an island that was previously used by Epstein and his VIP associates for the rape and torture of young girls.

Little St James was dubbed ‘Pedophile Island’ by residents of the US Virgin Islands during the blatant, wholesale abuse conducted by Epstein after he bought the isle in 1998 for $7.5 million. He bought Great St. James, the larger island beside it, in 2016 for $22.5 million to protect his privacy.

It was announced Wednesday that Deckoff has purchased both for $60 million. Announcing his vision for the islands, Deckoff told Forbes that he never met Epstein and visited the islands for the first time after they were listed for sale.

The dark history of Little St. James has been extensively documented through photographs, victim testimonies, and court cases against Epstein and his associates.

Epstein, aided by his confidante and fixer Ghislaine Maxwell, trafficked numerous young girls to the island where they were subjected to rape and abuse. Disturbing images previously published by show underage girls posing on the picturesque island, or providing massages to Epstein while he conducted telephone calls.

Other photographs depict Maxwell being attended to by the many staff Epstein hired to run the island like his personal fiefdom. Following his purchase of the island, Epstein is said to have brought in 200 workers to construct a stone mansion, two guest houses, a helipad, and an unusual gold-domed structure resembling a temple.

Images of abused children captured on Jeffrey Epstein's pedo island
The purpose of Epstein’s bizzare gold-domed structure has not been explained.

The temple was erected sometime between 2009 and 2013, and while rumors abound concerning its occult links, its exact purpose remains unclear.

Despite the no trespassing signs, several investigators have gained access to the island and have explored the property. Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change and Jeff Berwick were able to access the island and explore Epstein’s office, as well as a few of the underground lairs.

They also managed to get close enough to the infamous temple on Little St. James to reveal that the structure’s doors are actually painted on the building.

During his time on the island, Rudkowski discovered several underground structures, including one that appeared to house the island’s generator. There have also been claims that the island has its own subterranean tunnel network, although this has not been verified.

According to a maintenance worker named Steve Scully, Epstein’s resort includes a ten-person shower specifically designed for orgies.

Scully alleged in 2020 that Epstein had installed the shower in a bathroom adorned with pictures of naked underage girls. Epstein had reportedly remodeled his bedroom several times, and during one of these renovations, he installed a ten-showerhead shower for group use.

Scully added that there were more pictures of young, scantily clad or semi-nude underage girls in the bathroom than anywhere else on the island.

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