Children Including Baby Taken Into Care Over Islamist Radicalisation Fears

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More than 20 children including a baby have been taken into care amid fears they could be subject to extremist views and radical Islam at home.

Judges issued care or wardship proceedings involving at least 11 families over concerns their children could be taken or lured out of the country to join ISIS.

The Mail Online reports:

The youngest – a one-year-old – was part of a family of nine Britons from Rochdale who were caught trying to sneak into Syria from Turkey in April.

The figures were revealed yesterday as Sir James Munby, one of the most senior judges in England and Wales, issued new guidance to deal with the growing number of IS-related cases in the family courts.

The announcement came after Prime Minister David Cameron warned at the Tory conference on Wednesday that the ‘shadow’ of Muslim extremism was putting the UK ‘in danger’.

He launched a withering attack on the ‘passive tolerance’ of Islamism whose ideology was ‘infecting minds’ across the world.

The authorities have become increasingly concerned about the threat posed to teenagers who are groomed over the internet to fight in Syria, become ‘jihadi brides’ or carry out terrorist atrocities on British streets.

In other instances, their older siblings or parents have been radicalised and try to relocate to join the terror group.

Judges are now using orders to protect vulnerable children. They can make them wards of court, place them in foster care temporarily, or prevent them leaving the country.


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