British Baroness Says Syrians Support Assad, But Biased BBC Won’t Report It

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The vast majority of Syrians support their president and the military, but the BBC presents another, biased and one-sided story, according to British Baroness Caroline Cox.

The Baroness, who is also a Life Peer in the House of Lords, has recently returned from a fact finding tour of several Syrian cities, where  she spoke with a “wide range of people,” including government officials, opposition leaders, artists, intellectuals, writers and ordinary Syrian citizens walking in the park.

RT reports:  According to Baroness Cox, despite claims from western governments and media outlets, the vast majority of Syrians are thankful to President Bashar Assad and the Syrian and Russian militaries for fighting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL) and jihadist groups.

The Syrian people “are very grateful to the Syrian Army, to Assad and, I may say, for Russian help in getting rid of the terrorists. They are the perpetrators of the most appalling atrocities and killings.”

However, British media like the BBC have done a poor job of accurately conveying this public attitude, Baroness Cox told RT.

“People are very keen to hear the point of view from people inside Syria. It’s widely felt and widely reported that BBC reporting is very biased and very one-sided, and so they really want a bigger picture.

She also dismissed accusations that her trip to Syria was in any way inappropriate or was somehow staged for propaganda purposes.

The baroness explained how she spoke freely with random people she met in the park, “something that couldn’t have been ‘arranged’ by the government.”

“I talked to two delightful Muslim ladies, in one of the parks in Aleppo, and that wasn’t pre-arranged, and I asked them what they felt about the situation, and what they said was entirely consistent with what we’d hear in the formal meetings,” she said.

According to Cox, her message to the British people – and to the entire world – is very simple: “Please, may we leave the Syrian people the freedom to decide their own future.”

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