Pelosi Shades AOC; Says a ‘Glass of Water’ Could Win Her Seat

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Pelosi shades Ocasio-Cortez by suggesting a glass of water could have won her seat

Nancy Pelosi has thrown shade at socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in what appears to be the beginning of a trend for the Democratic leader.

This week, Pelosi was interviewed by Lesley Stahl on CBS’s “60 minutes”. reports: In addition to diminishing Ocacio-Cortez and her handful of extremists that include Omar, Rashida Tlaib and bomb thrower Ayanna Pressley who were all backed by the extremist Justice Democrats PAC, Pelosi also threw water on the idea that AOC’s posse will make the Democrats into a fully socialist entity.

Lesley Stahl: Well, Medicare for all– it’s not only being pushed by some members of your caucus, but also some of the presidential candidates. And it is allowing the president to say you’re all socialists.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Do you know that when we did Med– when Medicare was done by the Congress at the time, under Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan said, Medicare will lead us to a socialist dictatorship.

This is– this is an ongoing theme of the Republicans. However– I do reject socialism as an economic system. If people have that view, that’s their view. That is not the view of the Democratic Party.


Then, to top things off just in case AOC didn’t get the message, the Speaker Of The House appeared to send a veiled threat to the young firebrand that she really isn’t all that special because she easily won her New York City congressional district.

Via Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Monday made a point to heap more praise on Democrats who flipped Republican seats in the 2018 midterms and downplayed representatives like herself and freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who carried districts where a “glass of water” with a “D” next to it could win.

“When we won this election, it wasn’t in districts like mine or Alexandria’s,” Pelosi said. “[S]he’s a wonderful member of Congress as I think all of our colleagues will attest. But those are districts that are solidly Democratic.”

To drive the point home she picked up a water glass next to her and said: “This glass of water would win with a ‘D’ next to its name in those districts.”

OUCH! That one must have left a mark.

As for AOC? She is quitting Facebook, could Twitter be next?

Is it just a coincidence that Ocasio-Cortez is laying the groundwork for a decreased social media presence at a time when her boss is subjecting her to such public mockery?

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