Prince Charles Fears That If Brother Andrew Talks To The FBI It ‘Would Remove Mystery Of The Monarchy’

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The future King and his father told the scandal-ridden prince to accept his punishment over lunch at Sandringham.

Prince Charles had ‘strong words’ with his disgraced brother Andrew a source has claimed.

Amid the worsening Epstein scandal, the Prince of Wales, who was friends with Britain’s notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile, reportedly dragged his younger sibling to the royal estate at Sandringham on Monday where he effectively retired the duke from his public duties.

Charles, worried about Andrew going to the US to clear his name as such a move could ‘remove the mystery’ surrounding the royal family’, told his brother there was ‘no way back into the family in the near future’.

The Mail Online reports: Prince Philip also joined his sons for the light lunch, which took place shortly before the BBC interview with Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts aired on Monday.

The royal source told The Sun: ‘It was all very civilised and calm but Charles calmly read him the riot act and told him there was no way back for him in the near future.

‘Andrew thought he was being treated harshly as nothing has yet been proved against him, but he accepted the decision. He really had little choice.’

Charles was also said to be concerned with the prospect of Andrew going to the US to clear his name, amid fears that such a move could ‘remove the mystery’ surrounding the royal family.’

The source added: ‘Philip regrets Andrew doesn’t know how to lead a simple life. He thinks he’s been too extravagant.’

The Prince of Wales’ key role in ‘retiring’ Prince Andrew from public life has fed speculation he is preparing to adopt a modern ‘Prince Regent’ role.

Such a position would see him control day-to-day royal affairs while his mother remains monarch. 

Her Majesty will turn 95 in 18 months, the same age at which her husband Philip withdrew from his public duties.

There is talk among courtiers that she may use the milestone to effectively hand over day-to-day control of the monarchy to Charles. 

The Queen has been gradually reducing the number of public engagements she attends from 332 in 2016 to 283 in 2018. Charles, meanwhile, undertook 507.

Andrew faced fresh humiliation this week after Miss Roberts gave an interview to the BBC in which she reinforced claims she was forced into sleeping with the royal.

Sources close to Andrew last night accused the BBC of allowing his accuser to ‘cry a lot’ and protested over the differing treatment of their two separate BBC interviews.

The crisis deepened last night as a new witness claimed she was ‘feet away’ from Prince Andrew and Miss Roberts as they danced in a nightclub.

Lisa Bloom, lawyer for victims of Jeffrey Epstein, says an as-yet-unnamed woman ‘vividly remembers’ seeing the pair at Tramp nightclub in Mayfair in March 2001. 


  1. There might be a car crash coming up for Randy Andy, although Charlie might be too busy to be on hand to administer the coup d’grace if required – he might have to delegate to one of satanic children.

  2. And when in the history of humans has there ever been a woman that can trusted and doesn’t lie? Honest women don’t exist. They are all untrustworthy gold diggers. I couldn’t give a shit if Andy fucked this bitch. So what. She is now just a fucking prostitute as she is only whinging to get some cash. She should be taken out. No women should get paid to fuck.

    • I hope you’re right, but sadly there are a few too many interconnected power structures e.g. the Five Eyes, Australia’s Government, New Zealand’s Government, Canada’s Government, numerous small Pacific Island governments, off-shore tax-havens etc sucking on the teat of the “monarchy” and their satanic web of control and deceit. (And the extent to which they’ve infiltrated the US would be interesting to know, there are quite a number of “knighted” former presidents, senior politicians and military people.)

  3. Setting aside the Brit’s obsession and willingness to accept outdated, weird and useless kingdoms in the 21st century in the eyes of the royal family Prince Andrew’s sin is that he number got caught, number 2 tried to lie his way out of getting caught.

  4. The FBI would never publish any true results anyhow. I think its going to be ok Charles, you can continue being a satanic pedo cannibal

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