FBI To Release Clinton Investigation Docs Due To Public Backlash

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FBI cave in to public demand and offer to release Hillary Clinton email investigation documents

The FBI will release documents relating to its Hillary Clinton email investigation following a huge public backlash against its decision to keep them private. 

Week after the Bureau claimed there wasn’t enough public interest in the email case, the Justice Department confirmed its new position in a letter to lawyer Ty Clevenger who filed an open-records request for information.

Washingtontimes.com reports: The FBI had initially told him there wasn’t enough public interest to outweigh Mrs. Clinton’s privacy concerns, but he appealed to the Justice Department, which said it was “modifying the FBI’s response.”

Justice Department official Sean R. O’Neill said after speaking with Mr. Clevenger, they have concluded that the records in question are part of the Clinton email investigation file, which he said they’re already making public in installments.

“Any records concerning the FBI’s investigation of obstruction of justice are currently being processed by the FBI along with the remainder of the Clinton email investigation file. The FBI is publicly posting all releasable records on a rolling basis,” he said.

The records are being posted at the FBI’s “vault,” a section of the bureau’s website, under the heading “Hillary R. Clinton.”

“The FBI will continue to process and post subsequent releases of responsive records until processing of the entire investigative file is complete,” Mr. O’Neill said.

Mr. Clevenger said he took that to mean the Justice Department had overruled the FBI and reversed its earlier decision.
“I think it’s a sign that the Justice Department is putting some daylight between itself and the FBI. James Comey created this mess, and DOJ is not going to protect him,” the lawyer said.

“It’s a step in the right direction, but we still need a special prosecutor to investigate James Comey and the various Clinton scandals. Both houses of Congress should be passing resolutions demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor,” Mr. Clevenger said.

Earlier this week he won a ruling from a state judge in Maryland who overruled the state’s bar counsel’s office and ordered an investigation into whether Mrs. Clinton’s lawyers should face discipline for their handling of Mrs. Clinton’s emails.

Mr. Clevenger says that by deleting emails that the government later determined were official records and should have been returned to the State Department — and that were subject to preservation requests — the lawyers engaged in destruction of evidence.


  1. Oh i’m sure they will , the only thing we will be able to read is her name on the paper the rest of it will be redacted out so it will be useless to see it all.

  2. More drama and distractions. It probably will be real stuff, too. Do people ACTUALLY think the feds would stick up for a scumbag like this instead of using it as another bread and circus act? People like her mean nothing to them. It’s just, the more money any slave-class dweller has, the more amenities, luxuries, security, time and peace they get.

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