Canadian Grandfather Beaten to a Bloody Pulp by Trudeau’s Troops for Honking With Freedom Convoy

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Canadian great-grandpa beaten to a bloody pulp by Trudeau's troops for honking in solidarity with Freedom Convoy

A Canadian great-grandfather was beaten to a bloody pulp over the weekend by Ottawa police for the crime of honking his car horn in solidarity with the Freedom Convoy.

A gang of Trudeau police thugs grabbed 78-year-old Gerry Charlebois and beat him within an inch of his life after he decided to show support for the thousands of truckers protesting Trudeau’s draconian vaccine mandate.

According to Charlebois’s son, he now suffers PTSD has has dark purple bruises all over his body.

Charlebois’ attorney David Anber told reporters, ‘He’s pretty traumatized by the entire situation. We are going to fight these provincial charges and explore the possibility of filing a civil suit.’ reports: Charlebois, a retired high school janitor, was fined $118 for ‘unnecessary noise’ but has not been criminally charged.

A bystander filmed the ordeal Sunday as the Freedom Convoy entered its second week of protest. ‘What did he do wrong?’ the bystander asked. ‘None of your f****** concern, man,’ one officer responded. 

In the video, the bystander filming is heard criticizing the officer for following the ruling and encouraging Charlebois to not give out his information.  

In the video, the bystander filming is heard criticizing the officer for following the ruling and encouraging Charlebois to not give out his information.

‘You don’t have to answer his questions, sir,’ he tells Charlebois. He then tells the officer, ‘You’re abusing old men.’

The officer and Charlebois then walk back toward the trunk of the van.

‘Because I tooted the horn,’ Charlebois begins. 

‘That is why you’re pulled over,’ the officer states. 

‘It’s called communism. It’s communism. You don’t have to show anything. You didn’t do anything wrong,’ the man behind the camera continues.  

The officer tells the man recording that it’s an offense to beep the horn.  

Eventually the officer in a blue surgical mask grabs Charlebois to restrain him, and brings him down to his knees in the middle of the street before handcuffing him against his van. 

Charlebois’ attorney said, ‘Based on the info I have, it seems clear that the officer either had the man’s name or chose not to ask the man’s name prior to arresting him. Failing to provide a driver’s license is NOT an arrestable offence if the person provides their verbal identification. (R. v. Plummer). 

‘I meant no harm,’ Charlebois told the Toronto Sun in an interview Tuesday. ‘I just gave the trucker a thumbs-up and a honk.’ 

‘I was in shock,’ he added. ‘When (the police) pulled me over, he told me I was in trouble for honking the horn.’

Charlebois said he drove to the area to look at the trucks and planned on parking his van and walking to Parliament Hill.   

Though he was at the protest in support of other demonstrators, he says he’s fully vaccinated and plans to get his booster shot soon.  

‘He’s just 4 foot 10,’ said his son Steve, who added that they may have to take his dad to the hospital for an X-ray for his shoulder. 

‘He wouldn’t hurt anybody.’

Another son, Gerald, said: ‘They didn’t seem to arrest any of those big truckers like that.’ 

‘I find it disgusting. There was no need to be so rough with him,’ he added.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Hugh McLean temporarily banned honking and air horn blowing for 10 days on Monday, after a lawsuit brought by a downtown resident who measured the noise in her apartment at more than 80 decibels during the protests, which began on January 29. 

‘The only purpose of this (horn blowing) is to bring attention to this protest,’ McLean said. ‘There’s no need for that anymore. The public is fully aware of what’s going on.’

The injunction was in response to a lawsuit by downtown resident Zexi Li, 21. Her lawyer, Paul Champ, said the level of noise measured in her apartment was akin to ‘having a lawn mower running in her living room, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,’ according to the Ottawa Citizen.

The $9.8 million class action lawsuit is open to up to 6,000 downtown residents who live in or near the protest’s ‘red zone.’ 

The daily demonstrations, going on day 12, began as a protest against vaccine requirements for truckers who enter the country by land, but has since expanded to call for the dismantling of nearly all COVID-related restrictions. 

Police have arrested 23 people and issued more than 1,300 tickets.

‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers have completely stopped traffic on the Ambassador Bridge, which links Windsor, Ontario with Detroit for a third day in a row. On Wednesday, a dozens of vehicles lined the road leading to the bridge, and traffic is completely blocked for those exiting the bridge and entering Canada from Michigan.

The border crossing is the busiest between the US and Canada with at least 8,000 trucks traveling across it daily, and it carries 25 percent of all trade between the two countries.   

Quebec MP Joël Lightbound, a member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s party, resigned Tuesday after accusing the prime minister of dividing the people of Canada, saying the federal government’s pandemic response has become ‘politicized’ and ‘divisive.’     

During an emergency debate in the House of Commons Monday night, Trudeau said the protests have to ‘stop’ and smeared those taking part in them as ‘a few people shouting and waving swastikas.’ A flag incorporating the Nazi symbol was spotted in the initial days of the protests, and’s reporter, who’s been there for a week, has not seen any. 

But on Tuesday the PM appeared to shift tone, saying he understood ‘how frustrated everyone is’ and that ‘the time is coming when we will be able to relax’, without providing details as officials try to put an end to the protest. 

It came as right-wing premiers in provinces Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan announced phased timetables to remove Covid-19 restrictions in the coming weeks in apparent defiance of Trudeau.  

But as the protests continue for a second week, Freedom Convoy organizers and supporters say they are tired of being labeled as a ‘cult’ and as ‘villains’ by the media.

‘They’re spinning their own narrative,’ Ontario-based trucker Brigitte Belton told Fox News, referring to both the American and Canadian media. ‘This isn’t a cult … The federal government, the city of Ottawa, all those organizations that are out to get us right now, maybe that’s the cult.’

Unvaccinated Belton, who helped organize the Freedom Convoy when she was barred from crossing the border into the United States due to the Canadian vaccine mandate, added that she is downright disgusted by the coverage, which she said is ‘totally biased’ against the truckers.   


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  2. Stop with the fake news News Punch F* cking stop with this fake news and making up headlines !
    Yes this was a unnecessary arrest and the police were wrong how they acted –I fooking watch this happen live the old man was NOT beaten to a bloody pulp ! MF”ing lies NEW Punch !
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