Man Dies On Aer Lingus Flight After Biting Fellow Passenger

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Agitated man dies shortly after biting another passenger on an Aer Lingus flight

Aer lingus

Police are investigating the death of a 24-year-old Brazilian man who became agitated and bit a fellow passenger on board an Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon to Dublin.

The incident happened an hour into the two hour flight and the plane was diverted to Cork airport. The Brazilian man had to be restrained and lost conciousness and was subsequently pronounced dead on board the plane. Police have arrested a 44 year-old female Portuguese passenger on the same flight and are holding her under the Drug Trafficking Act.

RTE reports:

It is reported that he bit another passenger before being restrained.

He subsequently became unwell and then fell unconscious.

Aer lingus
Cork airport

The captain of the flight declared a medical emergency and diverted the plane to Cork Airport, where it landed at around 5.40pm.

It is not clear when the man died but he was pronounced dead on board the airplane.

A post-mortem examination is to be carried out.

Around 170 passengers and crew members were taken from the aircraft and are being interviewed by gardaí about the incident.

One man, injured during the flight, has been taken to hospital.

The man is not believed to be Irish but may have been studying in Ireland.

He was unaccompanied on the flight.

The passengers and crew members will return to Dublin by bus.

A Portuguese woman thought to have been accompanying the man was arrested on drug trafficking charges

According to RTE:

The 44-year-old woman was detained at Cork Airport at 11pm yesterday under the Drug Trafficking Act.

It is reported that he bit another passenger during the two-hour flight and had to be restrained.

A doctor and a nurse treated the man after he became unwell and lost consciousness.

The captain declared a medical emergency and diverted the plane to Cork, landing there just before 6pm yesterday.

All of the 168 passengers and six crew members on board the flight were questioned by gardaí in Cork when the plane landed.

Luggage was examined and a substance was discovered in the bags of the woman who was arrested. The substance has yet to be analysed.

The woman is being held at Togher Garda Station in Cork.

The man who was bitten during the flight was taken to hospital for treatment of his injury.

The rest of the passengers were allowed to continue their journey about three hours after they landed in Cork.

The plane remains in Cork Airport.

Meanwhile, a post-mortem examination is being carried out on the man’s body by Assistant State Pathologist Dr Margot Bolster at Cork University Hospital.


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