Domestic Terrorists ‘Black Lives Matter’ Take Vermont School Hostage

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Race-baiting domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter have been allowed to hijack a high school in Vermont, by raising their flag and entering the classrooms to indoctrinate the students. 

Race-baiting domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter have been allowed to hijack a high school in Vermont by raising their flag and entering the classrooms to indoctrinate the students. 

MONTPELIER, Vermont | Montpelier High School became the first high school in the country to raise the Black Lives Matter flag. The flag will be flown just beneath the American flag for the whole month of February.

The cause of equality should be unifying one. But when it is mixed in with a radical black nationalist agenda, it can become something quite different.  The raised fist is often seen as a symbol of people combining against oppression,  but the fist can come to mean something much nastier, it can come to represent oppression itself.

Implicit in the idea that Black Lives Matter is that other races, less vocal, less organised, matter less. And to say “White Lives Matter” has for too long been demonized as racist and bigoted.

These double standards over race have been slowly driving society crazy as everything becomes viewed through a race lens.

“People choose their flags because they want to represented and they want to be seen,” student Joelyn Mensah said. “We students do not feel like we are represented or seen in our education and we are here to raise the flag because we want to be seen and we will demand to be represented in our education.”

In what way does Joelyn feel she is not seen? Or represented? Isn’t she sitting in the same class as every other student? Is she seriously claiming her school doesn’t cover Black History month?

Like a lot of young ethnically diverse people across the western world, she has been encouraged to feel hard done by, to feel marginalised and repressed, but could she even tell us why? Or has the ideology of grievance blinded her to her opportunities, indeed her advantages and privileges? Life isn’t only about the past, its about the future too. All too often, the politics of identifying people with labels actually leads to repressing them. Ideologies like Black Lives Matter are obsessed with the grievances of the distant past.

Republican state legislator Thomas Terenzini agrees this is a bad idea: “I just think it’s a bad example for the Montpelier School Board to establish this precedent,” he said.

Terenzini denounced the decision, calling Black Lives Matter a national anti-police organization.

“I don’t see myself as being a bigot or prejudiced but I just don’t think that Black Lives Matter is a national organization to look up.”

And its not hard to see legislator Terenzini’s point:

Along with Anti-fa, Black Lives Matter is being treated as a domestic terrorist organisation by the Department of Homeland Security, as reported by Your News Wire:

 “The FBI have finally launched an official domestic terrorism probe of Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers Thursday that domestic terrorism investigators are probing a number of people influenced by “kind of an Antifa ideology.”

This school bowing to organised student demands to fly the Black Lives Matter flag has been orchestrated by the group “Racial Justice Alliance”, a school organisation actually started by Joelyn Mensah.

The election of Trump was linked to a strong social reaction AGAINST the “White Privilege” doctrine that was pushed so hard during the Obama years.

President Trump represents the true colour-blind America of the American dream. His enemies, including the super wealthy globalists like George Soros, an old white man who helped Nazi’s clear out Jews in WWII, are those pulling the Black Lives Matter strings.

Soros’s agenda isn’t social justice, its CHAOS. The more the better. He wants to drag down national government and partition the country up, making it easier for the public to be dominated by globalist controlled coastal cities. He has funded Black Lives Matter to the tune of 100’s of millions of dollars. And in Oct 2017, George Soros handed over $18 BILLION for long term funding of these “disruptor” groups.

The demand of Black Lives Matter have nothing to do with equality and everything to do with “ME ME ME”. They are politically incoherent and support big government, big pay-outs, big privilege. They have nothing to offer or say about self-respect, self-motivation, and a can-do attitude to succeed at life. Instead, it’s the ultimate hard-done by act coupled with poor-me, give me money.

And its ironic that the greatest achievement of Black Lives Matter seems to be trashing their own neighbourhoods, cars and shops. Black Lives Matter and its “community organiser” connections were at the heart of the rage against the election of Trump.

Ultimately, Black Lives Matter is a story of a hardcore of nihilists who just want to tear society down.

There are plenty of alternatives this school could have chosen to support. Organisations that support the unifying message of colour-blind American opportunity, not the divisive message of the globalists and their would-be New World Order.

I regret that people like Joelyn Mensah get misled by persuasive propaganda to actually agitate AGAINST her own best interests, just as I regret that Montpelier high school isn’t governed by wiser people who would protect their students from being manipulated by divisive agitators.

But perhaps the remedy to this is President Trump’s agenda to Make America Great Again  – a program for ALL Americans that has already seen a marked improvement in employment in the black community together with the radical regeneration programs for the inner cities.

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