Pro-mask, Pro-lockdown Don Lemon Takes a Maskless Vacation in Florida

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Hypocrite Don Lemon takes a maskless vacation in Florida

Hypocritical CNN host Don Lemon, who previously ripped Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for opposing mask mandates, was caught on camera this week taking a vacation in Florida not wearing a mask.

Despite Lemon’s infamous on-air rants about DeSantis apparently putting people’s lives in danger, Lemon seemed ecstatic to be in anti-mask and anti-lockdown Florida.

A video clip shows Lemon and his partner being filmed by a woman who sarcastically tells him, “I wanna thank you. Thank you so much. And you’re in the great state of Florida.”

Lemon then grabs his belongings from a sun lounger and flees the area.

WATCH: reports: “I hope you guys enjoy it. You can enjoy it. Thank you for exposing everything. Cause we love you in Florida,” she adds.

“Lemon did seem like he was in a rush to leave. We wonder if he had dinner reservations that night with Gavin Newsom, or maybe a salon appointment with Nancy Pelosi that he had to get to,” quipped Zero Hedge.

Lemon vacationing maskless in Florida is particularly funny given his repeated on-air tirades against the maskless state and Governor Ron DeSantis.

Earlier this summer, Lemon claimed that people like DeSantis were “putting their own political gain ahead of children’s lives, really of their constituents’ lives.”

The CNN host accused DeSantis of spewing “bullshit” after her asserted that mask mandates were a way for politicians to “cover their own asses,” with DeSantis adding that masks have “not proven to be effective.”

Lemon also assailed Texas Governor Greg Abbott for issuing an an executive order banning school districts from requiring masks.

Presumably, the CNN host is already planning his next holiday in the Lone Star State.