Facebook Introduces ‘Black Mirror’ Social Score System For Users

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Facebook introduces 'Black Mirror' style social score for all users

Facebook has silently rolled out a ‘social score’ system for users, ranking a persons ‘trustworthiness’ based on their personal beliefs and political leanings.

The creepy scoring system bares a striking similarity to the one featured in the dystopian Black Mirror episode ‘Nosedive‘ – which is set in a world where people can rate each other from one to five stars for every interaction they have, and which can impact their socioeconomic status.

It also mirrors a credit score system already being rolled out by the government in China, where people can be adversely affected by their hobbies, shopping habits, lifestyles, literature read online, social media comments, social connections, and political opinion.

Infowars.com reports: “Facebook is rating users based on how ‘trustworthy’ it thinks they are,” reads an article by The Sun that’s top linked on Drudge. “Users receive a score on a scale from zero to one that determines if they have a good or bad reputation – but it’s completely hidden.”

The second top link on Drudge is to an article with the headline “China assigns every citizen a ‘social credit score’ to identify who is and isn’t trustworthy,’ which was published in April.

“China’s largest social networks have partnered with the country’s Communist government to create a credit score system that will measure how obedient its citizens are, a chilling prospect that could one day arrive in America if social justice warriors get their way,” reported Paul Joseph Watson in an article that’s now coming true.

The goal of the program, known as Sesame Credit, is to create a docile, compliant citizenry by assigning “social scores” to citizens which ultimately creates self-imposed social control.

And, as Infowars reported in 2014, Zuckerberg met with Lu Wei, the czar of China’s draconian Internet censorship system.

“During the meeting, Wei discovered a book written by Chinese President Xi Jinping called ‘The Governance of China’ sitting on Zuckerberg’s office desk, leading Zuckerberg to comment, ‘I’ve bought this book for my co-workers. I want them to understand socialism with Chinese characteristics,’” reported Paul Joseph Watson.

This is why Big Tech wants Infowars banned, and why the world needs to listen to us.


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