Laptop from Hell: Pedophile ‘Code Words’ Found in Biden’s Leaked Emails

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Pedophile pizza-related code words found in leaked Hunter Biden emails

After Hunter Biden’s laptop emails were leaked over the weekend, internet sleuths discovered evidence of yet more pizza-related pedophile “code words” being used in emails which reference both Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.

In 2016, exclusively broke the story of how pedophile code words were used in email exchanges, leaked by Wikileaks, between Hillary Clinton and her campaign chair John Podesta.

Now it seems Hunter Biden was also involved in the scandal. In an email (archived here) dated 30th March, 2016, Hunter’s business partner Eric Scherwin sent him an invite to a pizza party involving Tony Podesta, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong.

The email had the subject line “Putala for Hillary”. Interestingly Putala means “an effigy of sin.”

The email states the following:

PRESIDENTIAL PIZZA: Maddy BeckwithEzekiel EmanuelTony Podesta and Chris Putala are hosting a pizza party for Hillary Clinton next month, featuring campaign chair John Podesta, senior policy adviser Maya Harris, and pizza chef James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong. A maximum $2,7000 contribution includes a special reception with John Podesta.

Other pizza-related emails from John Podesta and Hillary Clinton in 2016 incongruously refer to food items such as pasta, cheese pizza, ice cream – which investigators say is a code language used by child sex ring participants.

For instance:
“hotdog” means boy
“pizza” means girl
“cheese” means little girl
“pasta” means little boy
“ice cream” means male prostitute
“walnut” means person of colour
“map” means semen
“sauce” means orgy

Read the full list of pedophile code words from Wikileaks here.

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, the elite are heavily into pedophilia and satanism. They all have the dirt on each other and will do anything to protect those within their ranks.  


  1. Exactly And they’ve taken control over the world. They are the law the police the military the health care the banking the education the media everything’s under their control now. They run the street theatre operation called democratic government and justice.

  2. I have heard that Hellary said at or soon after her wedding that she married a future POTUS. Given the reasons for her dismissal from the Watergate investigation, I have to wonder just how long has she been an evil creature of vile wickedness.

    • From what I have heard she was attending “witches” gathering in LA when she first lady of Arkansas–it had to start before then.

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