Report: Millions Of Cancer Deaths Expected From Fukushima

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Report suggests that millions of Japanese citizens will die from cancer as a result of the Fukushima disaster

Millions of Japanese citizens could be at risk of dying from cancer as a result of the increasing amount of radiation pouring out of Fukushima. 

According to a shocking report originally published by Fairewinds Energy Eduction (FEE), “Cancer on the Rise in Post-Fukushima Japan,” one million citizens in Japan were thought to be at risk of developing thyroid cancers as a result of the meltdown.

That report based its conclusions on the the fact that scientists had understood the radiation levels at the reactor to be around 73 sieverts per hour.

However, according to new information, current radiation levels are more likely to be around 530 sieverts per hour – the highest it has been since the disaster occurred in March 2011.

These unimaginable levels represent shocking 132% increase in radiation than originally measured in 2011. Radiation of that magnitude could kill almost 50% of the Japanese population, according to a report by the National Institute of Radiological Sciences. reports:

A shocking new report defies the chronically underestimated impacts of the Fukushima’s triple meltdown on the risk of cancer in exposed populations, which does not just include Japan, but arguably the entire world.

According to the new report, data provided by a group of esteemed Japanese medical professionals and TEPCO, confirm a direct link of numerous cancers in Japan to the triple meltdown. As transcribed by, Arnie Gundersen, chief engineer at Fairewinds stated, Nov. 4, 2015:

“It’s been almost 5 years from the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns, and the news from Japan is still not good. Two reports recently released in Japan, one by Japanese medical professionals and the second from Tokyo Power Corporation – TEPCO – acknowledged that there will be numerous cancers in Japan, much greater than normal, due to the radioactive discharges from the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi… I believe, as do many of my colleagues, that there will be at least 100,000 and as many as one million more cancers in Japan’s future as a result of this meltdown… [T]he second report received from Japan proves that the incidence of thyroid cancer is approximately 230 times higher than normal in Fukushima Prefecture… So what’s the bottom line? The cancers already occurring in Japan are just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sorry to say that the worst is yet to come.”

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