Fauci Admits Brutal Lockdowns Used To Extort People Into Getting Vaccinated

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Dr. Fauci laughs when confronted about his pending prosecution

Lockdowns are put in place to ease the pressure on hospitals and health systems, right? Wrong! They are used to make people suffer so much they will do anything to end the lockdown — including submitting to Big Pharma and getting vaccinated.

Anthony Fauci let the cat out of the bag on MSNBC Wednesday, confirming what many people long suspected regarding the real reason governments made the world suffer through punishing lockdowns.

When asked by host Andrea Mitchell about the unfolding lockdown hellscape in China, Fauci actually praised the authoritarian government’s actions. According to Fauci, the Chinese lockdown is preventing the spread of infection.

“I remember in the beginning they said – rightly – that they were doing better than the rest,” Fauci said. “Lockdowns are being used to make sure people get vaccinated so you don’t have a peak infection when you open things up again,” he claimed.


Canadian lawyer David Freiheit responded to Fauci’s shocking admission that lockdowns are used to make people submit to vaccines they otherwise would refuse.

According to Freiheit, Fauci admitted to the crime of extortion on behalf of Big Pharma companies.

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Fauci also said China’s vaccines are “not good enough” and shilled for Big Pharma companies.

The problem is that the vaccines they use are not nearly as effective as the vaccines used in the United States, Britain, the EU and elsewhere. So they are not optimally protected,” Fauci claimed. “And because people haven’t been exposed because of the lockdown, you’re dealing with an “immunologically naive” population,” he said.

Fauci therefore admits that extortion is a standing policy, responds Canadian lawyer David Freiheit.

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