CNN Ratings Plummet To Record Low As Millions of Americans Reject Globalist Propaganda

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CNN's Jake Tapper declares that Trump supporters who refuse to accept election results need to be held to account

Globalist mouthpiece CNN is continuing to hemorrhage viewers and ratings have plummeted to records lows previously considered impossible, with just 55,000 average primetime viewers on the weekend, according to Nielsen.

According to a recent Nielsen report, the network’s ratings have plummeted to the lowest levels in its recorded history.

CNN garnered just 55,000 viewers for its coveted weekend lineups, which include “State of the Union with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash,” and “Fareed Zakaria GPS.”

The staggering decline for the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” is particularly pronounced in the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demographic.

The demographic is crucial for networks as it determines advertising rates and revenue. The sharp drop in ratings for CNN indicates an enormous loss in advertising revenue and experts claim it will have implications for the network’s financial viability.

The New York Post wrote:

CNN — which launched in 1980 and bills itself as “the most trusted name in news” — totaled just 55,000 viewers for its weekend slate of shows that include Sunday political programs “State of the Union with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash,” and “Fareed Zakaria GPS.”

The network’s Sunday primetime lineup, which featured “The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper” and “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy,” drew 43,000 in the demo.

The ratings are the network’s worst since 1991 — the earliest TV data is readily available.

“CNN is a ratings embarrassment,” an industry insider said. “At least with Thompson they will have a direction.”

CNN, the first 24-hour news network, was launched in 1980 by media mogul Ted Turner. For years, it enjoyed a virtual monopoly in the continuous news coverage domain. However, with the emergence of competitors and the evolution of the digital media landscape, CNN has faced various challenges related to its ratings.

In the 1990s, CNN faced new competition with the launch of MSNBC and Fox News. Fox News, in particular, found a niche in presenting news with a conservative slant, which attracted a significant viewership. By the early 2000s, Fox News had surpassed CNN in the ratings, especially in prime-time slots.

The political climate, especially during and after the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, further polarized news viewership. CNN’s coverage was often criticized by then-President Donald Trump, which influenced many viewers’ perceptions of the network. After the Trump presidency, during which news networks saw a surge in ratings due to the constant news cycle, there has been a decline.

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