Creepy Uncle Joe Molests ANOTHER Child During Halloween Celebration

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Joe Biden creeps on another child during Halloween celebrations

President Joe Biden just can’t help himself. During the annual White House Halloween event on Monday, Biden was filmed caressing the back of a young child before leaning in for an unwanted kiss. reports: The president has been known to have episodes of rapid-onset creepiness. Just two weeks ago, Biden crept on a young girl during a California photo op, where the president put his hand on the girl’s shoulder and told her, “no serious guys until you’re 30,” a line he has used repeatedly since at least 2015, as is documented in a Washington Post article titled “What are we going to do about Creepy Uncle Joe Biden?”

In March, Biden gave the same dating advice to young girls, saying “the only thing I want you girls to remember, no serious guys ’til you’re 30 years old.”


  1. The Daily Mail reported back when hevwas known as Pedo Joe, and homosexual Barack OBombers vice that he confessed to his college room mate that he had to masturbate before going anywhere near little children or else he was afraid he would get out of control. You know Obomber and Michael “me and my MICHAEL” the lawyer forced to surrender his her law licence for some “malpractice” which could only be illegal or criminal and most likely kept from the cops in order to protect Obomber s image After all it was under him the Pope Francis was triumphantly entered into Congress as the first ever Papal conquering hero.

  2. not that I am a Biden fan or anything, but that was a far cry from a molestation, it was weird, and disgusting that a old gezird puts his mouth on an innocent baby, and the stupidity of the parent to allow such a blasphemy, but it was not a molestation. It did make me feel ill. Biden is not into little boys, only little girls. He was guilty of trying to be political, kissing babies. yuck, puke,

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